Rejected Plunder

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Me don't likes!

This is an idea for lazy people who want the game to do all the work for them.

If you want to plunder res build a horsey nuke, 500 horses gets you 36k res.

If you want to plunder favour build some divine envoys, I know they suck for everything else but they rip off favour just like any other myth, I lost 290 favour because somebody had the idea to send a load of them at me with other units and I had to dodge. Now I'm not complaining about that, in fact I applaud the fact he thought about what he was doing.

Perhaps other folks should try doing the same instead of wanting everything handed on a plate to them.


It is possible. It just has to go through a poll (there won't be one until after the holidays for sure).
Thanks for all the help Fig. I hope this gets into the pole. *Fingers crossed*

Anyone have any ideas to improve this proposal?
Not open for further replies.