pnp the reall O66 story

cabz bii

there once was an alliance called chimera

and after a long pact the mighty crimson company

got tired of them starting trouble and telling lies about a great player ceebro(my freind)

so we decided to engage in battle

after a great victory with no citys lost TCC celabrated

then along came the raccoons

they wernt a direct threat but we all need BP and new beutifull cities

maryr s cities began to drop like flies

and she left running into

a player called FBMU had to run to the aid of them what a hero)

even FBMU couldnt snipe all attacks

so decided to confort eat instead

now only 1 remaind

what will happen now ?

will this brave raccon die or

only time will tell
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Nice one cabz for your 1st PnP it is good. (+rep when i can)

As to what happens now i would say that someone will tell FBMU what you have done and he will then take your cities lol!!

Goodluck buddy you'r gonna need it. lol!!

(i'm ROLMFAO for real)

cabz bii

lol aw well buddy haha happens lol

glad your having a good laugh at it buddy :):p