pnp~the story of O66

cabz bii

well all i can say is twizz i hearby give you a bow buddy :)

and rudi you know me mate i have ad around 5 warning and messaged the pheonex back its players reporting everything i say man you know what i think of them dont you

and to keep this on topic 66 will not be in anyones hands it will remain a battlefeild
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this thread is not as bad as the other one, but if i have to issue another infraction for someone that uses profanity or posts an inappropriate pic i will close the thread and infract the poster.
i like the life of these forums now but u gotta keep it enjoyable for u and me :p ill allow some off-topicness, but if 75% is not Kappa related (in my eyes) i will close the thread.
u have been warned.