PnP: Those Who Oppose Us


Well its been a long time coming but I think its time I made a PnP for WoE. Hope You all enjoy!!

As many know we (Or majority) are from Epsilon. We are veteran players that know what we are doing and have been doing it for quite some time now. When we first joined Sigma it was out of fun and looking for more challenges since Epsilon has slowed down a lot for us.
We came here and found what we were thirsting for! More then anything we found a bit of a challenge after learning that the 55 alliances banded against us.

Its like they all agreed to become friends and never fight one another but thing in grepolis that doesnt last long at all!

One by one the alliances that opposed us failed:
Tiki Warriors
Valkyrie (Unholy Elite)
Revelation dropped out and joined up with Genesis to form Genesis II
Skulls are all but done and their counter part Skulls II

Who will be next?

I believe Genesis will fall very soon and possibly within one or two weeks. My intel says that many members are quitting (Some even try to give us their cities, lol), Tassies is no longer a founder since skala has taken all rights away from him and now he is trying to branch off with the members he can rally with him. Then as all this was unfolding an interesting turn of events happened -
2skala on 5/12/11 at 8:25 PM
would you be willing to consider having discussions as to an end to hostilities between our alliances?.....we are willing to discuss...

They seem not to be able to take the pressure any longer! Lol, Interesting isnt it?!
Well after this I felt it only right to take a pause and actually ask the rest of the alliance what they thought in the form of a survey:
After a short time many members jumped right up and said no way. So it didnt take long for me to see where this was heading.

I decided to kindly reply to skala's message:
DerekRisen001 today at 4:09 PM
As for your request we will have to strongly decline. I put up a vote for yes or no's about ending this conflict with a peaceful resolution and it turns out that over 40+ members say that we do not end it and only 2 said yes.
Also, With you and tassies having arguments from within and taking rights from him may seem that you are having trouble. It also seems like Tassies is wanting to split and make his own alliance so doubt us making a pact or peaceful resolution would last long. Along with the plans to try and conquer 10 players at once is ill advised but please try.
The idea about taking out our top players is also kinda funny...I hope you could gather enough participants for that one since they love the BP and would welcome attacks. Its also sad to see that you were still planning all this when asking for peace.

Oh well...thats Grepolis for you!

Good Luck,

What the future will hold for Ocean 55 in the coming weeks? Unsure as no one can trully predict what will happen here in grepolis but I believe that we will continue to dominate. We also have no intentions of moving into any other oceans as some believe...we are content here in 55.

So thats it! I hope you all enjoyed!

- DR001
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FlyGuy1 on 5/8/11 at 3:27 PM
Here is the situation I find myself in. I want into WoE. I can you provide information on a major offensive strike against you (you in particular, not just your alliance) before it happens.

Mellowmalt on 5/8/11 at 3:31 PM
cool a strike against me?

That's what I've been waiting for.
And I'm still waiting for it a week later. My defence bp is dropping. If these genesis aren't going to stick to their threats guess we will have to come to them and take the BP ourselves :)

Hagop abroumian

Ye you are right Derek and when I read that email that 2skala said you know what I understood(I have posted it in the alliance forum)They just wanted to get some time to build up and attack.Ocean 55 is for WoE.


Needs more entertaining unneeded pictures... Do not point out the oxymoron!


i used to lead Genesis. but 2skala is a powerhungry idiot. he took away everyones rights. All the members loyal to me are in The Apocalypse. genesis should fall.idiots. and WoE congratz to you for bagging dave and trigger. dave is one of the best fighters in this ocean.


Nice touch showing the result of the vote ... marginal, NOT !