PnP : WoE is me


If that's the best PnP that you can do Colin, I'm glad I rimmed you. You belong on the edge cos you were taking up too much space on my island.


Tikki who?

I rarely look at the external forums but every now and then I need a good belly laugh.

I have only one tiny little question.

Who is(was) tikki warriors or Genesis for that matter, and where are they now?
false poster or not anyone know what happens to alliances that join the enemies of Warriors of Epsilon.

Hint go see what happens to the enemies of Seriously Enlightened on Epsilon.

Okay I actually have several but they are all the same just change the name.

Been here long enough to know the facts speak for themselves. Regardless of how much BS you guys/gals wanna put out there, The Warriors of Epsilon will be here long after you have dissolved your alliances, and merged into others. Change your name and cannibalized your weaker "new-bee's" it won't help you.

You starve what few veterans you begged to join you in those MRA's" cause they saw the light and have bailed on you or will soon enough. You want to continue to play on a 2.0 server then take your pathetic excuse for an alliance to Rho. Pick a corner and try again. Don't worry about your cities we will make sure they are treated with the respect they should have been given to begin with.
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This is getting old you silly scrubadubs, I made this thread on a fake Colin account. Tiki Warriors never stood by any of the claims made in this thread..