Poems and Limericks for Pagasus

Silver Witch


and so another world is won,
its been so demanding but also been fun,
the teams that lost here there is no shame remember grepo is only a game.
mgga team victory all 7 done,
to all who tried stop us I hope you had fun,,
noobs you were the only ones we felt could do a bust,
and you did come so close to hurting us ,
a good leadership fair and honest fighting crew
nice try noobs my hats of to you
as each world ends we all take away a new sort of approach a new way to play,
we are always learning something new to use in a new world if we chose to do ,,,,
but I think the most important thing
is the players we meet the things that they bring
in this world I happy to say I meet some great players along the way,,
silver witch we go back a while I like her play love her style
she plays this game how it should be done, fairness no cheating makes crown sweeter when won,,
to mgga leadership a job well done ,
you kept moral up made it such fun,
we had our share of spys and traitors along this trip
who stupitly underestimated our fine leadership,,
these traitors citys were quickly torn down ,
they blackend there names and lost a crown ,,

SO THANKS TO all my team mates and our leadership to for leading from the front and seeing us through ,
to noobs and there leaders who put up a good fight you are winners to guys in your own right​

Great poem bro - i love it