Poems for Rhodes

Silver Witch

I think the time has come when a poem is needed ;)

Sink or Swim

In Rhodes now 6 WW stand proud against the sky,
Yet the Hall of Fame stands empty, in this I do not lie.
For here we have a 3 way split, wonders must tumble down,
E’re any side may claim here, a Victory and a Crown.

To all the warriors of this world, activate your alarm,
Your Wonders need protection, to keep them safe from harm.
Your snipes must be made ready, for all are now at war,
In secret leaders make their plots, to breach a wonder shore.

Grey Bear have raised a Temple to the Goddess of the Moon,
Will she help them win this or send them to their doom?
The Pandas spread confusion but build a light to guide their way,
A beacon for their sailors, before the break of day.

The Pyramid gives Grey Bear, a warehouse with extra fill,
But Plague now hold the Gardens where resources overspill.
To be the Victors of this World, Plague only need one more,
Their leaders have the skills to break - for this they’ve done before.

The Plague, they spread disease and strife, yet at this point they lead,
And Randall plans his strategy to help his team succeed.
They have a city close to break, but i think they need some more,
Before they send attacking troops to breach a wonder shore.

So now we all discover, who shall sink or swim,
For history remembers, only those who win.
No man may know the future, that will come with time,
But this I say, to all who play, your fates do now entwine.




History remembers all kind of things :) depending on the story teller or in this case poem maker.


Plague are red and Grey Bear too
Rhodes all a mess till Pandas Break thru
Randall and Tai Plan away
but Pandas got skills
and will soon win the day!


by the way nicely written long poem
Silver hope my short ones up to muster


The plague is gone.
Bewildered I am watching cherry blossoms
And breathing the cold air.