The gazes linger on,
Some are short, some uncomfortably long,
All with one purpose and one song,
Troubling the victim all day long

They think- "A sneak peak should be fine",
Always going above the line,
The victim surrounded by landmines
Fight or flight- in a bind

The makeup she wore,
Or the short clothes revealing the galore,
All have been the reasons from yore,
Always, always wanting more

She is not an object of fascination,
She is not some devious machination,
She is the same as all - a simple human

With her own likes and dislikes,
Her own thoughts and actions,
Her own confidence and insecurities,
Her own dreams and wishes

Same as everyone who are here to survive,
Same as everyone who fight to provide,
Same as everyone who live and die,
She is not someone who -
Simply lies and opens wide
"I sit here all day long,
With a face down by a furlong"

"I sit here staring into nothing,
A blank white page which is daunting"

"I sit here all day long,
Staring into the sun and humming that favourite song"

I'm sensing a trend here bud .. may I suggest you GET OFF YOUR BUTT before it get's as wide as mine. ;)