Poseidon Is Recruiting


How does virtually bumping a topic make you bump your head? lol



Ranked 12th in Grep after the first day, we are an alliance of closely knited players in O54 O53 and O65, Mainly in O54 though.

We are looking for active expeienced players.

Our diplomacy is closed, its too early to even consider alliances.

If your intresed message me in game.


Hi Scowen,

My tag is Chunkierpit1560 and I would like to join your alliance called Poseidon. I am new here and now but am by no means a noob to this game, I played Gepolis a few years ago i cant remember exactly how long ago but suffice to say long enough to forget a lot about the game.

When I played before I was part of an alliance called Poseidon something or other and I like the God Poseidon so I am hoping you will decide to recruit me because I am sure it will all come back to me pretty quick especially with the quest system in place, although thats putting me off a bit its giving me resources =) .

Anyway I look forward to your reply. It would be helpful for me if you could message me in game though as I might not log onto forums again soon ,I dont know. TY



This world is closed. This alliance no longer exists, I would recommend a newer world such as Lapithos or Katane.


as far as I remember poseidon failed at the first hurdle lol