Possible change to End-game

I think WW should be a midgame thing and that the advantages should be changed and significantly increased. Advantages would include maybe 15% faster culture events, one bonus culture point every 24 hours, stronger naval units, cheaper troops, etc. maybe if a team owns all seven all their players get a significant bonus such as two additional slots (one time only) or all advantages doubled until a WW is lost.

These instead impact the game, keep WW from being a total failure, and make them worth building. But they don't determine who wins the game.


My idea, which has been posted in the IDEAS section of the FORUM for consideration, is really a tweak or ammendment to the present scenario. This should be a simple task for INNO to implement since it only adjusts how the Awards are given and can eventually provide a clear winning alliance. No additional bonuses should need to awarded.
This scenario means that once WW has been reached there is still an incitement for warfare and and the construction of WWs is only a part of the gameplay the real battle for the world is only just begining


Grepolis is a war/strategy game so why not make it all about war/strategy at the end. WW building exercises an alliances ability to send resources and work together. BUT, there are too many ways that wonders can be protected to where war really doesn't come into play as much as it should in the end. The whole deal with a player owning all wonder cities and then hitting VM is BS. The fact a large alliance can just pre-stack their wonder cities with so many cerbs and archers behind 25 walls that all the world against them can't even revolt one city is also very troubling.

Why not have some sort of world war. Have a set number of cities an alliance has to lose to be eliminated from the tournament. Maybe have the top 10 alliances or so compete in this at the end. When your alliance loses X amount of cities it is eliminated. Last alliance standing wins. If you are truely a great alliance, you can win this tourny no matter what. Even if a few alliances gang up on one. It should not matter. I think something like this would be a welcomed addition to grepolis. You don't have to change every world. Just at least offer us some like this.
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This is my favorite alternative to the current WW situation. Something like this I would love to see implemented, if only in a "test" world.