Post Your Walls


A bit late; I know but World Beta was before this threads time so better late than never. Post your walls and lets see who is interestingly good or just rubbish. I'll start things off:).

C'mon post your wall,

Thomas The Magnificent

That isn't your wall, Wofty did all the hard work.


yeah but I've made some notable increases too my wall (e.g. amount of ls defeated), you haven't really done any considerable increases to your wall apart from clearing inactives.
Ive done some defending.


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I do realise this is not entirely my work but i have contributed a fair chunk due to the wars with PoC and so my wall;



Highly doubt, WB would show his wall , unless you personally message him with that request ingame. Hes got a slow comp,isnt much of a tech person too lol. he might have a hard time uploading a Screen shot... :


Come on people, post your walls! It doesn't matter if it's not the best, mine for example is a bit dodgy at the moment:

OK that really made me laugh! Our mod has a sense of humor, who would have thought :p


Yeah it's been done in a few worlds. Always a good one haha. My wall sucks as I have not really played my account to it's full potential for a loong time. I got too caught up in leading lol


It really doesn't matter if your wall sucks, was the point I'm making, this is a fun topic, but everyone has to post their walls no matter how bad they are.


I'd like to see Valerio's and White Bear's. They are beast.
Well as you asked so nicely.

Not quite as good as it should be, as my activity levels have dropped off of late but I'll hopefully be speeding up a bit again sometime soon.