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I get paid in gold, yeah. But not paid as in cash. And I dont really play the game, so the gold goes unused lol


I don't know why im not up there but I chose CoD because he designs all the Skype chats and he is one funny dude.

Hasan Naqvi

yeah if pebble was any good and motivated enough to look after his cities he could do some serious damage on a world with the towers of gold he has, but he is not.
30k gold is not that much. I could spent less time than what pebble spends on these forums, and could still end up with 30k gold in a month from gold trading on a new world, if I join on first day.

And then there must be players who spent 30k gold in a single day...

Slim Shaddies

I think next year we need to have a vote for the graphic artists, give those guys some love since we have some pretty good ones here on the grepo forums.