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Hello everyone,

I am back from a long grepo-break of a few months with a pre-made for en96. 'Insert Name Here' is coming.

We will try getting in the world as soon as it opens, we will settle in Ocean 45 or 54 as it is an ocean with quite a lot of action yet not too much (Ocean 55). We will try to stay a small alliance of around 30 members but as 50 is the maximum we will probably eventually get there.

My experience now of course, I started on another account in Alpha but I didn't play long or much then I went to Tau (en19 ?) where I learned all the basics a grepo-player needs, even some basic leadership skill. When Tau finished I moved to Pella (en44 ?), one of my best worlds but I my account got hacked after 2 months of playing there so I created this account and finished Pella with 'DOOMED'. After that I just went to many worlds, started alliances and played in others, sometimes I suceeded sometimes I didn't. Recently (my last 3 big worlds) I did really well like Sestos (en63), Pandosia (en79), Sinope (en81), Bhrytos (en85), Dimale (en87).
In each of these except bhrytos I lead an alliance that reached the top 3 and stayed there for a while before I have to leave the world because of real life timing.

I think I included a lot of what was needed
If you have any questions ask here or pm me

Application form-

In game name :
How long have you been playing :
Why do you want to join this alliance :
Any skills which are important/bring value to this alliance :
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My crew will be in the South East. Won't be too hard to spot.

been playing Inno games since 2008.