Pre-World Dokos Discussion Thread

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
On January 11th our newest world, Dokos, will be released. This world has the Zeus's Spark artifact as well as the Hephaestus' Blessing active. Feel free to discuss the new world in this thread.

World settings:
  • Game speed: 2
  • Unit speed: 2
  • Trade speed: 2
  • Beginners protection: 6 Days
  • Alliance limit: 45
  • Conquer system: Conquest
  • City Foundation Time: 12 Hours
  • Morale: Active
  • Endgame: Domination
  • Artifact: Zeus's Spark

Sorin Markov

Slow world, conquest, active morale... I see this world being very sparsely populated. I guess they had to use the bad settings sometime anyway, may as well dump them all on one world so we get good settings later

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Hopefully once we have the update for World Wonders done and ready for full roll out on all servers and not just the Beta server. If the updates are well liked I didn't want to have a recently released World Wonders world without those changes as we wouldn't be able to use the updated World Wonder endgame on a currently running world.


Well speed2 is normal speed. There were speed 3, so now its time for slower one. Prob next Conq world will be <3speed world... tho that will be prob after 1-2 revolt worlds.


i cant see me playing this world as it like watching paint dry i might call it a day on grepolis in a couple of months after ww in the US server im playing

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
In a similar vein to World Wonders we're waiting to see how the Olympus changes play out on the Beta worlds that have the updates before we run a new one here on EN.