Pre-World Doriscos Discussion Thread

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this is not a problem... atleast not for innogames
only players have to suffer from that.
if a server is 1x speed people are going to gold a lot in order to not waste 1 day for a farm level. but none would join a 1x speed server, so they can not create any slow server anymore.
on the other hand, if it is a 6x im not going to pay 170 gold to safe me 2 hours of building, it's a waste of gold. i will instead safe my gold for events. and what's a better bait than a siege? youtubers use clickbait in order to get views and get money. innogames uses event in order to get money.
it's their job, it's their game. and people who gold are those who allow everyone else to play for free. sure it can be sometimes frustrating but every company needs to get money (well... innogames getting 130 milions dollars in 2016 with only 500 employees its a bit "to much"... but good for them if they can make the game work without paying more people to work)

Get outta here, commie


In search of a premade alliance for this world. Took a few years out but im finally back. mainly played us server.

Im alarmed 24/7 and very active aggressive player. pls contact me for my skype/discord/whatsapp.



i wouldn’t class anyone as elite no more.

Poaching? i have no idea who is with who lol

aahh.. i wonder how many of these you sent out recently lol


anyway, i just hope you guys have better luck than in en127 getting pushed around by a mra...
Not open for further replies.