Pre-World Heliopolis Discussion Thread

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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
On Thursday en107 will be opened. Feel free to discuss the new world here. Once the world is opened this thread will be moved to the world forum and closed.

Speed: 4
Trade Speed: 2
Unit Speed: 3
Spy/Farm trade affected: yes
Beginner's Protction: 7 days
Alliance limit: 50
Morale: active
City foundation time: 12 hours


Close enough. Speed 4 is and unit speed 3 is just sweet. I am used to morale thanks to byblos so it is not that bad. Would beat waiting for a speed 3 conquest with no morale but who knows.


PG if even I have gotten invites from 4 different premades at least you must really not be a desirable player if you still have to ask for invites
i also havnt played a En world in months or talked to anyone really, and i dont got time for negativity <3


7 posts in and the insults/shots and slams are starting.

It would be nice if the mods opened a private room, where those who want to crap on each other can go and do so.
The only caveats 1. you sign up for the crap-fest.
2). Only folks who have signed up can brought up in topics.. you not signed up you cant be brought up.
Give the chronic's, with their insults, their own "Glory hole" so to speak
Not open for further replies.