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  1. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Just to get something "new" started and see if we can get our forum-goers back in here. :)

    Question: What is your prediction on how Iota will end?! Who will win the WW? Who will put up the best fight? Do you think the current alliances will stay? Who will be the biggest attacker? Who will be the biggest defender?

    Remember to say within the rules or we may have to get Sapphire to crack her whip. ;)

    Anyways, I look forward to seeing the replies.

    ~ Lane

    PS: I hope this is in the right place. If not feel free to move. :)
  2. It's fine, i can't wait to see what's going on in game :p
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  3. najimur

    najimur Guest

    I predict an earthquake.
  4. AncientEvil

    AncientEvil Guest

    I predict that someone will predict...
    PS. ever noticed that if TDC doesn't post on Iota forum then no one does? :)
    Even the princess comes back here to reply to TDC...
  5. reme84

    reme84 Guest

    This is true by the way hehe
    It is a shame that we do not follow up Pekk's idea of only taking enemy citys,but I agree phenom will not be able to attempt to take TDC tomb ww otherwise:)
  6. apollo026

    apollo026 Guest

    Or maybe, nobody posts so TDC doesn't either. And didn't you all just get to the forums in the last few months? Do you think we were all dead before that?
  7. Eventine7

    Eventine7 Phrourach

    Dec 21, 2010
    My prediction for the fight... PAIN.

    *clenches fist just like Mr T... then realises he will have to get on a plane to administer said pain to Iota... and thinks better of it.

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  8. AncientEvil

    AncientEvil Guest

    Yeah Phenom. probably can't take D12 ww's and they'll try TDC WW... I predict we'll be prepared...lmfao
  9. EnasEllinas

    EnasEllinas Guest

    uhhhh... (SW)


    lol,don't know where you been, the last few months but I believe TDC been posting here for a very long time...
  11. apollo026

    apollo026 Guest

    You all have under 150 posts, Not that I have much more but still... Anyways I think the world will start to go more inactive after someone wins the WW's and it looks clear that will be either D12 or TDC
  12. AncientEvil

    AncientEvil Guest

    D12 will soon collapse. They are in a chaos already. When there will be no more ghosts to feed them they will fall.
    After all WW's will be complete I think Iota will be reopen for new registrations.
  13. apollo026

    apollo026 Guest

    I don't think Iota will re-open, though I could be wrong. And I'm not so sure D12 will collapse, They have stood strong long enough to prove that they are worthy.
  14. AncientEvil

    AncientEvil Guest

    Even if it's reopen that doesn't mean that players will jump in :)
    Keeping the pressure on D12 will make it collapse. They don't even bother defending their cities. maybe players like Gianni and few others are still strong but they'll go with the wave.
  15. pusakal

    pusakal Phrourach

    May 15, 2011

    though words isnt it? but my word are more tougher that yours..mark this in grepolis that d12 will stay..and i proclaimed long live the d12..this is the sure things here in iota..this pressure make d12 burn..yes maybe some of the members turns to ghost but it doesnt bother us..we stood like a steal and we will roar upon your cities that d12 is made to be stronger and stronger...
  16. AncientEvil

    AncientEvil Guest

    they weren't tough words :)... just a prediction.
    No need to get irritated :p
  17. apollo026

    apollo026 Guest

    There is a reason D12 is right behind R-Evolution for Dbp, they have had nothing but pressure, I still don't see them falling.
  18. AncientEvil

    AncientEvil Guest

    D12 have lost 11 cities to TDC in the last week (04.03.2012-11.03.2012) and 9 cities to Phenomenon and 8 to The Assembly (all 8 taken from an inactive tough). I really see them falling, and falling big time.
  19. Lane

    Lane Guest

    I have less than 150 posts? When did that happen?

    Anyways, I don't believe Iota will ever re-open.


    Once they close it, it will stay close no point in reopening it.