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    I generally base my predictions of the future off of past events.

    Eventually D12 will lose a WW city. I don't know when, or which city, or to who, but it's going to happen. There is no such thing as a perfect defense. The interesting question to me at that point is how D12 will react.

    When Syndicate lost a city, they crumbled (to my surprise) and caused a small power vacuum in the process. The fewer big alliances on the field, the more volatile the wonder race becomes when a city is lost.

    Obviously the reason for Syndicate's abandonment was low morale. I think this was a fair complaint because of their placement, as I have pointed out in the forums before. Yeah, they were "safe" from the bulk of most alliances, but that also meant they were unable to reach other alliances to influence world events. As soon as they were no longer in the lead, many of them could see no other alternatives.

    There are several people here saying that D12 will never fall. I am not so sure. When D12's defense fails (and it will), if that is what many of the D12 players had been hanging all of their hopes on, they might want to give up. If too many D12 players give up, D12 will have effectively fallen.

    If D12 falls, I think two things will happen:
    1. TDC is much more likely to win the wonder race because Phenomenon is not nearly as enthusiastic about building things as they are about knocking things over, and
    2. Iota will become a less interesting place to war in after losing another big alliance.

    I hope D12 doesn't give up, but we aren't going to stop fighting. If we let up on the fighting, that would defeat the whole purpose of wanting them to stay around, ja?
  2. pusakal

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    May 15, 2011
    yes we might loose city but its no big deal sometime we need to feel that excitement..and thanks for that,,reason are reason but this will not affect us somehow lets say its just a giveaways from a special gift from the
  3. Lane

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    A special gift from the DD? Since when has the DD changed their well..umm..priorities..DD use to HATE getting cities taken from them and would prevent that at all costs..
  4. crusnicXIII

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    this officially marks that the world will end in 2012:eek:
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    nah, it's just the end of D12 :)
  6. apollo026

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    I was referring to TDC not you.

    Anyways it certainly will be interesting to see how DD would react if they lost a WW city.
  7. pusakal

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    May 15, 2011
    in your dreams.. yeah!!! i know we are loosing such city but ww i dont think so
  8. AncientEvil

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    Don't need to get irritated pusakal :).
    Time will show. Patience. Your WW's aren't eternal, you know?
  9. BDG2

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    Jun 29, 2011
    Ooops, LOL
  10. Lane

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    Hahhaa. Well what is a new thread title?! :p
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    So who is still on here? lol.
  12. Lane

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    On what?

    I'm still in Iota! :D
  13. crusnicXIII

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    I am to say no longer a part of this world.
  14. Lane

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    I know... :p I tried looking you up the other day and couldn't find you. :O
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    yeah every thing in the east basically died so I just left.