Premade - Next Revolt World

Sir Hardly

Alliance Name - About the alliance name, we haven't decided anything yet but we are hoping to come up with something before the month ends.​

About me - I have been playing since En12 (Revolt) and many other world's after that. I have lead before in Pandosia and did well for my first time I guess, but had to leave because of RL (Real Life). I'm a team player that spend's time on this game and take's it very seriously when leading an alliance.​
We are a team oriented, aggressive and organized alliance from both EN/US Server with a limited experience and tactics. It's not all about winning or getting a crown, but we are here to try our best and win. The Pre-made will be joining the next Speed 3 Unit 3 Reovlt World, if your interested please take a look below.​
.. so if you have time on your hand this Summer, wanna take a shot at rocking a server, contact me on Skype Mini_MV or post below so we can see if you have what we are looking for and vise versa.

Member Lists
Angel God
Sir Hardly

What makes a great alliance to you?:
Do you have and use Skype?:
Ingame Name?
Do you have any Grepo skills you are particularly proud of and feel the alliance could benefit from?
Do you have a personal goal you are looking to achieve in Grepolis?
Are you willing to learn and teach players new things?
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Hey there-I was in your premade for Helike I think.
Mind if I sign up again?


Great-cheers for letting me in-that makes 4 now.


huh, hardly again with Premades :p

well good luck you will need it for the next revo with such stats :cool:


Any alliance that has good leadership and direction is good to me :p
I have skype but dont particularly like to use it
ingame name is TheSunWarrior - i have only ever played on US worlds and am currently playing in Kos.
eh, im pretty average
my personal goal is to finally get a crown haha
willing to learn!


Sir Hardly quit grepolis, went and joined the navy.