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this is an enhancing addition to the game.

when farming using premium the default period is 5 minutes,
I and others use 20 minute periods all the time, other people obviously will use different ones, an option to change the default period to any of the available times would be good, this might be on the farming page or even in the options tab to the side in the main panel.

Also I am colour blind!
the shades in the panels of the farms to the left are very difficult to see so when they are highlighted the difference in colour between a highlighted panel and a normal panel is so small that even someone with normal vision has difficulty in distinguishing between the two, particularly in a bright environment.

Visual Aids: NONE

No impact on other game features.
Will it require adjustments or changes? UNKNOWN.

Abuse Prevention:
Does your proposal open up possible exploits or make it possible for players to cheat? NO.

These are two very small things that irritate the hell out of me in an otherwise fantastic game, I hope that they are not too difficult for the tech guys to get to grips with and be able to modify, I am sure there are many others out there in Grepo land that would appreciate these changes.

Thank you very much

Theo P.

i hope the mod is happy with this formatted post cos i'm not doing it again :)
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