Pretorian Guard - Recruiting now


Have you ever entered an alliance that didn't satisfy you?
It had too many enemies or too many allies?
There was a hugh gap in points between the best members and the worst members?
No communication between the alliance members?

I have created 'Pretorian Guard' in order to solve all these issues.

From now on when you ask for resources, even if the other members have a small amount you will get those resources as fast as possible.

When you ask for support no one hesitates to lend a hand with troops.

When you are feeling bored by just posting a message in the forum you will get an almost instant respone.

When you are stuck or need an answer by asking another experienced member you will have your answer before you even finish typing your question.

We are mostly a democrtic alliance so the members have a choice to vote for improvements and even elect members for jobs.

There are guides for beginners and experienced players looking for a way to proceed in the game.

And we have a small amount of allies and a small amount of enemies in order to make the game fun yet not boring with no wars.

And if you are looking for a leadership job we have a few to offer including a leader, military general, a recruiter and a few more.

We are currently in oceans 64 and 63 though we do not have problems from people in near oceans.

All you have to do is send a message to Achilles887 or post a reply here, and you will get a response and an invite very soon.

Anyone with over 250 points can join as long as they are active and are willing to help the alliance.