Probably the last top ten for this world


1)Crowned points: 57146278

abp: 28482245

Comments-My alliance so I won't say much other than has been a leader in gythium and only the two closet alliances combined could take us

2) Memento Mori points: 31869931

Abp: 8470089

Comments-Southern alliance they really just do their stuff in the south I am not down there but they have high ranked players and with NVT would be a fun battle for crowned

3)Noctis Venators points: 29036832

Abp: 9832918

Comments- Great Allince sets up very successful ops again paired with memento mori could give the musketeers a good fight

4) Hades Garde Du Corps points: 18137119

Abp: 6353142

Comments-one if the only crowned pacts known for their winning battle against SOTS they proves that they can set up great ops and they have location on their side

5)Command and Conquer points: 17995051

Abp: 6515748

Comments-used to musketeers. Everyone knows that they are pacts with crowned have great players and are battling SOTS also.

6) Soldiers of the Sun

Abp: 2885493

Comments- battling with crowned and all it's allies they are fighting well but we can all see that they are winding down and becoming tired soon they will just disappear

7)Immortal Cossacks

Abp: 26732

Comments- Brand new alliance not really made them self noticed could be a great Alliance once they start running some ops

8) Team Paulise

Abp: 81092

Comments-Probably seeing how long they will last and highest average

9)Memento Mori

Abp: 1048098

Comments- Same thing I said for their parent alliance

10) HGDC academy

Abp: 238363

Comments-Same thing as I said for their parent alliance

Any comments for this would be appreciated
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