Programming Languages


No worries Vivster97. This is the programmers corner. Nothing is said here that you need to know to enjoy grepolis.


Lol this google app engine is fun. I now actually have a piece of python code running on the web at no cost: check here

<edit: I removed the link so i can play with the app>

Its only a small guestbook from the most basic tutorial but its fun :)

No heading for map making routines
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I am pretty new to the programming world. I am learning C# and a variety of web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I am focusing more on C# at the moment.


easier cut n pasting from a CV type of doc I have so might look a little disjointed

S390, ES9000, z/990, z/Series & P390, HP Pilot
AS400 B30, B40 and B60, i/Series, SYSTEM 36 & 38
HP Unix, Linux Suse & Gentoo
PC’s (all types except MAC)

So the programming languages range from ASM370 (basically IBM mainframe assembler) to the more basic windows script style of languages.

So to be a bore... and name a few
wsh, vb, asp (as if its any different to vb), php, rexx, clist, asm370 (looked at 386 once to *cough* patch program), cobol, c / c++, and goes on.

Like others im sure after you know a few.. all languages are basically the same.
Saying this... I just cant my head around the Android apps, must be getting old.


wow thats a pretty amazing list...

reminds me I started programming on an Electron, later the BBC computer in assembler using the 6205 (or was it 6502?) processor. lol those were the days ...

Ye Ye, getting old, i know...


What can i say, programming language is not that important as programming guidelines. Simply put, one should focus on understanding and mastering programming techniques, algorithms, methods and concepts rather than on a particular language, at least at the start.
If you know the fundamentals and have a deeper knowledge in the area you're interested you can pretty easy change your facus to a different programming language in the same area. For example, switching from Java to C++ is pretty easy if you know the concepts and master the algorithms.
If one focuses on a programming language rather than on fundaments then one's performance will be limited to an ammount of basic knowledge and understanding. At least this is my idea of programming.
Now about programming, i do use currently or used in the past: Visual Basic, Delphi, Java J2ME, Java, C++, C# and some less interesting (from my target area) langauges.
Have less focus on web programming languages but have a decent experience with PHP and PERL.
Also some experience with database administration like SQL Server.
If i was to advise someone i would tell him than at least in the first year of learning programming to focus on fundaments and ignore anything that looks like a specialized program. Want to write it in a structured form, just use pseudocodes and stick to the principles.
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eh, no functional language programmers? sad

I myself have dabbled in everything but haven't mastered anything. My income doesn't depend on that, my studies don't require that so it's been hard to stick to something. But I know some Pascal (as someone said, recently better known as Delphi), C++, HTML4, CSS3, Python, javascript, tiny bit of Ruby as was learning Rails, what I stuck with for the longest time though has been Haskell.

It's pure magic.

Try it.


Not EXPERT any anything, but decent with:
C#, AJAX/JavaScript/JQuery stuff, LINQ, SQL/MySQL, HTML, CSS

Also done some flash/actionscript, php, and java


Basic: Java, PHP
Moderate: HTML 5, CSS 3, MySQL
Expert: T-SQL, HTML 4, CSS 2+, JavaScript/jQuery, C#, ASP.NET

I've also done some basic PLC Ladder programming for a robotics project at one of our mills. I wouldn't call it an expertise of mine, though.


Good: C, C++
Basic: Wiki-code (whatever you call it), HTML

I am generally able to learn languages very quickly if I have motivation to work on it.


I'm good with HTML and CSS only.
I've experimented with Javascript. but never really got the hang of it well enough to do anything much aside from making a simple (but imperfect) calculator for something.

I'd like to learn some other programming stuff but I'm not sure where to start aside from actually figuring out Javascript (I'll try those guides that were posted here earlier).
Anyway, my interest is only as a bit of a hobby, and I do few things currently where anything beyond HTML and CSS is needed. The only reason I bothered with javascript originally was to make the calculator I mentioned for a fansite for an online game I play.


I create some batch files , using computer language. Does that make a programmer?


the only programming i know is for packages like R, and i've been meaning to learn VB for excel for a while :/

not sure if that stuff counts or not!


I would say I am very proficient in HTML, CSS (but those are easy...)
I have adequate knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and C++


I am a little older than most, I started out in Fortran or Formac as it was known, i also Program in Gupta (Centura) and Perl.

Mostly now i am JMX, J2EE, JMS don't touch that Microsoft trash lol

Grand Patriarch

expert c/c++/c#/ and a few others plus layout languages like html and css. I'm a senior level professional developer working with both server and client side technologies.