Promotion & Relegation in Baseball

A recent story about efforts in Amarillo, TX and San Antonio, TX to approve new stadiums to lure Doube-A and Tripple-A franchises respectively to their cites has caused me to speculate on the idea of bringing the concept of promotion and relegation to baseball in the good ole U.S. of A.


Aside from the fact that Major League owners, players, and fans would never go for it, thus making it a moot point, how great would it be to speculate about a team such as the Atlanta Braves or New York Mets finishing dead last and getting dropped to AAA level, while at the same time a AAA team such as the Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Allentown, PA or the El Paso Chihuahuas from El Paso, TX getting promoted to the big leagues? Of course, the minor league teams would have to all become fully independent and end all player development deals with the major league teams. They could no longer be merely farm teams for their big league cousins.

Can anyone picture a AA team like the Biloxi Shuckers from Biloxi, MS .. stadium capacity 6000 .. winning their league and getting promoted to AAA .. and then in 3-4 years getting promoted all the way to the major leagues? Me neither, but it sure would be fun to see.

Of course, we can't even get MLS to adopt this idea, so getting MLB to go along with it would never happen. Still, is there anyone else who thinks this is a good idea and would like to see it happen?
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Baudin Toolan

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I dislike baseball due to the pacing of the games being fairly slow but this would make it more interesting with each game meaning a bit more for losing teams. Plus the minor league teams that would come up would be fun to see name wise.