Newspaper Pseria Journey/Goodbye Message

Evil MeIinoe

The Journey, Positivity and Goodbye

Hello all, as we all know the world is coming to an end so I wanted you guys to have a nice little read one last time, in regards to this world.
So for the last time, grab yourself a drink, a nice cup of tea, coffee, or my personal favorite a little bit of wine to take the edge of!
This thread will cover my journey, and if you're not mention in it don't worry, I still appreciate you all, because it has been a pleasant world after all, at least from my point of view. Like many others, I suffer from depression and this world has really made me feel a lot better, or shall I say, the people I played with. It's been an amazing experience playing with Stooges specifically for me. We had a lot of amazing laughs, jokes and we all lifted each other up both in regards to the game, and in regards to real life.

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone who enjoyed reading my externals as well as everyone who took part in playing this world, whether you were on my side or the enemy side, we all put the effect in and it has been a wonderful experience, with a lot of ups and downs when it game to the game.

I wanted to thank Pups with all my heart for believing in me and for allowing this journey to begin in the first place. I had difficulties finding my home on Pseria, and Pups was the one person who offered me a position in Stooges without really knowing me, but he still had faith in me and trusted me to move all the way from 54, into 55. On that note I also wanted to mention GustyCat, my dearest friend who literally moved across the whole continent with me to join me in Stooges, shame you weren't able to stay till the end but don't worry, we won the world on your behalf.

This finally leads me talking about Trist, good old Trist! We had a rough start to begin with and well, we did not get on at all in the beginning but I'm glad I was able to change your opinion! Thank you for believing in me, my defensive operations, for making me a leader and most importantly, thank you for being a great friend, as well as a leader even if you ignored me in the beginning you grumpy midget. ;)

From a personal point of view, a huge shout out to my defensive squad our heavy hitters we're incredible, but we, the defenders were the backbone of the team when things looked dark at times. Thank you for choosing this playstyle: Icas, Kinge & Trouble and many others. At times, we had it extremely difficult and considering we we're the underdogs all server, I'd say we did pretty good! I remember the little operation defending Dave, was most definitely fun!

A massive thank you to the Check Mate family, especially my dearest defender Poder. The amount of sieges we handled alone, was just incredible and as a fellow defender, I appreciate you! Can't mention Check Mate without mentioning TheLastCrusader, we got off on the wrong foot but in the end, I think you're awesome, and a fantastic Grepolis player it's been a pleasure sinking 7 colony ships in the space of 3 hours. DrunkenTyrant, Skudi & Wally it's been a huge pleasure, thank you for sticking around even when you guys we're hit from all fronts, I'm glad our merge took place. EngSnatch, thank you for all the battle points, thanks to you I was in the top 20 at some point, was an honor defending them cities.

Furthermore, Luckydream you one stubborn soul I'm glad you finally gave in and joined Stooges after I non stop spammed you to join us.
Oubay, one of the scariest offensive players, was a pleasure.
Maverick, glad you trusted me and shifted and joined Stooges.

Huge mention to Mark, Sir Neo & Bernardo, I'm glad we came to an agreement in the end when it came to diplomacy. Shoutout to Ice, the one soul who managed to take a city of me when the days were dark. I'm glad Cuca and Chaos joined us on this massive journey.

The not forgotten souls, Hector, ZipZapThunder, Nordic, Traxler was amazing playing with you guys, hope to see you guys in the near future. Thank you DonHector for also believing in me in the early days just like Pups did.

BlackKnight & Icas, thank you for winding Trist up in the discord:D

VanHelsing, Mercenary it's been an amazing experience playing once again, even if we were on the flip side of the coin in the end. Sylvanus, thank you for encouraging me to write more on the forums and for being extremely kind. A big big shout out to Kleos, the one opponent on the server I always had respect for.
HotStuffJaja, my lightships friend, shame you left so early. I wish I proposed my offer to you earlier before you joined Kleos, hope to see you soon, on the same side!

And finally, I wanted to mention Zuuuse. I believe you my friend, had it the roughest on the world out of anyone. This amazing soul, was spammed constantly but carried on till the very end. Most underrated player to wake earth I'm glad you stuck with us, and you deserve to be in the dominance team as much as everyone else.

I could go on and on, but yeah I really enjoyed this world and I appreciate everyone who took part. Thank you for all the amazing comments on my external posts, I'm glad I kept a lot of you entertained. It's always been my goal to cheer you guys up with those posts, and seeing so many positive comments was heartwarming.

I hope you all stay safe during those dark days, lets hope Covid disappears soon and that things go back to normal.
Apologies if I didn't mention your name, I honestly, have dreadful memory but if I didn't mention you, remember I still appreciate you.
As always, excuse my grammar.

For the last time on this server, I shall leave you with Squishy:


MeI signing out for one last time.