Psycosamatic Atticansane O-44/45 and beyond.


An active community based alliance. You must be capable of stringing sentences together. Other than that all players are welcome. New ones will be nurtured while the old ones will be reepsected.

This is our second day of opening and we're 26th, 5th in ocean rank, so now is a good time to join so we can grow together.

I am also looking for an experienced player to take the role of deputy Leader.
Give me a shout!
Come have some fun at [ally]Psycosamatic Atticansane[/ally]!

Peace & War


Thanks Aicy!

I appreciate i probably would do a bit better off merging, but i left my former Alliance because i wanted to see if i could make a go of it. :)

Although if you're able I certainly wouldnt mind making a deal with the MRA of some kind. Hopefully in a week or so the momentum will be going and Psycosamatics should be in a position to offer you support, although i realise you guys are pretty bad *** ;p


hey guys could you stop inviting me it's getting annoying :pro: