Pumpkin Hunting

T- Rex

Greetings to all future..friends, allies or even potential enemies ;)

Just thought I would gave my 2c worth on pumpkin hunting.
While it is nice to get a bonus of 5% resources, does anybody else feel like there should be more of them to find?..
At the moment I am struggling to find more, my own o66 seems to have been cleared out, and I am now looking far far away for them. But I did figure out to save locations once found, which helps. I even found 5 very close together which was real nice, but I have to do this soooo far away, it is becoming tedious


Not many pumpkins left around me either. I pretty much gave up on them. +5% is not much.


better late than never

yeah, so probably too late to help but,
just move your map view to some location far, far, away.
the pumpkins are everywhere. start from another location when you run out of pumpkins around your city.


they are limited in your area so as time goes on they are getting more fun to find.

however 5% is always nice. Especially when you combine it with Merchant and hera's Happiness spell.

your only limited by your laziness :)


Well I've reached 138 Pumpkins now, and it wasn't THAT tough. As Cronus said, only by not trying are you restricted


My total was 159. You just had to spend a couple of minutes to find a bunch before you started. No big deal and that 5% bonus paid for some of my navy.


i got 130.
didnt realize what their use was at first, so got a late start