Pnp Putting them to Bed

Long had we waited for the a high speed conq that would draw the best that Conq had to offer. In April, our patience was finally rewarded. We were given Heliopolis. Immediately interest spread like wildfire throughout the community and great teams formed. But above them all stood Bedtime Squad.

The hype was real, after all these guys spend gold, spam, and bandwagoned behind the best group for a win on Tegea. They had to be the best, right? Things got off without a hitch for BS in the preworld, they even managed to snatch a couple players that BWN wanted. Surely this was meant to be the land of bedtime stories and lullabies as they were the big bad wolves of Heliopolis.

Bonus: Count down for when Dan gets to grad school, gets bored in class, makes another PnP and then has peers see this cringe photo.

Double Bonus: Of course this is still less cringe than BS itself.

Soon this unstoppable force dropped into O54, nobody would dare land around them there now. Until two groups did. No problem for Bedtime though, they'd just beat them easily. Except they didn't, they got beat up on for 1/3rd the server by these two groups. Things seemed bleak, players were quitting, people who picked BS over BWN were openly regretting it, some players even decided that their time had been wasted to such a degree that they were going to sell their cities back to Bedtime. Others were trying move cores to O45 and ditch bedtime altogether. Rumors of bullying players by leadership emerged as well. Truly a marvel of alliance stability.

Suddenly though, a glimmer of hope appeared. BWN was massing on O55's border and Bedtime's Name Changer enemy to the south was having loads of internal problems and a rebellion in south O55. All they'd have to do is exercise a bit of common sense and let BWN and NC kill each other. But common sense is non-existent in that group. Instead, they absorbed what was left of Name Changers and took on a front much worse than that...

Bad With Names

The fight started almost immediately with Quizas spamming us and BS sending us reports of JFL attacks when we asked them to stop. With no options, we sent a message and within hours Quizas went from spamming to begging us to stop and running to VM. We continued to take cities as the new wave of BS players began to check out upon realizing how bad the alliance was. BS put up some resistance and even managed to get some towns back. It was somewhat competitive until today when we put 7 BS towns in siege.

Bedtime had a horrible day. Losing a pair of Vmed towns, losing two active towns in O55, and then their leader losing another two towns after trying to lead from the front in our core. They managed to contest one siege.

Our LMD Siege

Like the good allies they are, they didn't even bother with their own nukes for the most part. They left the player to break on their own and had ONE EMPIRE send stuff to break on a low morale siege instead. At this point you might wonder what Bedtime is doing trying to take us on and after some investigating I've discovered the issue.

Remember, to not smoke meth or you could end up just like our friends in Bedtime.

Now we'll turn our attention to a serious topic. ONE EMPIRE, who is clearly in an abusive relationship with Bedtime. Being forced to be their meat sheilds vs NC and now being told to break with their stuff on LMD sieges.

Every day a poor person in OE is forced to take a punch for BS or break on ridiculous sieges that just shouldn't happen. Right now a poor sailor or manticore is dying at the hands of BWN because BS can't get itself together. Please say a prayer for them...

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So in a few weeks bragging rights for VS/EX-NC players have gone from owning o55 to surviving in their own ocean.

Congrats on being what I'm guessing is last of the NCs in BS now.