Proposal PvP world

Hmmm not sure how well this will go about ..
But here it is anyway !


A player vs player world.
1.) No alliances
2.) No Founding
3.)First to 50 cities wins
4.) 1 ocean 200 players
5.) Must have adequate grepo score to enter
6.) Inno games will hate this one ;) and no gold.
7.) Bp 5 Days
8.) Ganging up on one player results in a ban from world

Imagine a world where all **** talkers can join into a world and fight against each other .. showing pure skill and grepo play. Gold is eliminated .. **** talkers and golders have to litterally play with skill and tatics.

Idk just an idea ;)


Another idea expanding that would be a 4 ocean world with only the big islands and no alliances as such. When you join the world you are assigned one of 2 sides and spawn in the relevant area. That then breaks up the traditional alliances. Those 2 sides then fight it out over a series of islands in the middle of the world. In that world there would be no golding and there is a limit to how many times you can found in a world. After a month of the server being up and running once a player loses all of their cities they can no longer restart in that world.


it would just end up with everyone ganging up on people and then get banned to death. You would want a better way to prevent people from being able to help each other like make it revolt only and then make it so you literally cannot support cities except for your own. Still wont stop people from working together to help each offensively but maybe set something up like revolt phase becomes something like a duel phase where only the player under revolt and the player who started the revolt are able to attack each other and all other attacks land as if it were peacetime. that way it comes down to whos better between the two in the duel and winner gets the city? Unless you have some ideas like that there is no way you will be able to regulate and police point 8.


The ganging up part is very very hard to regulate and impliment. I might be playing solo and see someone's DBP rise, that means they are under pressure and will attack them. They might start crying that im ganging up on him with somoene, when im not. This rule is impossible to impliment, and as much as you will hate me for saying this but this is reason why there are alliances and this is a teamgame. The same way people in real life live in a collective and are born in a country instead of "playing solo"
Impossible to actually enforce and realistically people who have played together for years aren’t really going to attack each other anyways.

Also 50 cities would be too low a bench mark.
Hence just an idea based on everyone saying they are better then everyone else .. I love the tea aspect of grepolis more then anything else but something like this ironed out with proper planning and detail would be fun in my eyes but your right it might never work.


While it sounds fun, it would never work. This community is too old and friendly now. Certain people would refuse to attack others and shady back-door deals would ruin it. There's no way of inno controlling that.. they can't even really control their biggest issues ruining the game currently, let alone any added ones.


These issues could be solved by anonymising players. Just hiding names wouldn't be enough - you would have to implement it in such a way that 2 players who can see each others screens can't even tell where the other one is. That itself isn't very easy but some suggestions which would help it:

- make the map wrap
- all islands same shape and placed in a regular lattice pattern
- not only is everyone else the same color, but you can't tell players apart
- make it so that you can only see a small circle around yourself only, and everyone's view of the map is distorted in some way (2 players looking at the same spot would see different things)

- further things will need to be done to prevent using things like city pts, attacks to find a fellow teammate.

I like the idea of an all out FFA like an io game :)
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Van Helsing

Why not just one world where the play is as now (say revolt) with alliances etc - BUT - NO GOLD, NO EVENTS. Just straight forward skill. Or would everyone play this world and none of the others lol.

Sorin Markov

I kinda like the idea, but increase the city win-limit and #8 should be gone. If someone gets close to winning, other people are gonna stop them. They gotta earn it.