Quality ABP Alliance

King Infamous

I think you guys know what I can what from this. I want to make an alliance that runs on ABP and Quality within the player. The name of the alliance will be Virus(Yeah, yeah, yeah...Rho Alliance name) Now I don't want to many new players, just the good quality ones. Any player willing to join me would be a great acceptance to me. Now I do plan on attacking players after BP ends, that way we can get our trip to ABP going. I don't want to be the leader of an alliance that cares about player points, or alliance points, only ABP. In this alliance we will have no groups, just an alliance led by a few players, you know, a good plain war alliance. I am looking for 2 leaders though, I can't do all the work by myself. I do plan on going starting off in ocean 54, and we can spread from there. Well, anybody who wants to join just give me your name and all, and yeah that's all.​