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Is the any ruling about threats made to you, saying if you don't join my alliance I'll attack you. I am in Ocean 47 of TAU and received this PM today:-

Barma777 on 2012-05-07 at 08:01
As you might know the goal of this game is to ultimately build World Wonders on each island to dominate. One can only build a world wonder (when time comes) if the ISLAND belongs completely to ONE alliance. I have built a solid empire in the Omicron world (under a different avatar), and was the first to start building on this island in Tau. I am inviting everyone to unite in an Alliance (Socrates) once they appear on this island. You may choose to join and we'll build and defend ourselves together. Alternatively, you may choose to stay on your own, but I won't leave you in peace, that I can promise...
What will be your decision?
My best regards,

PS: the invitation to Socrates must be open in your messages. Otherwise let me know, I will revoke it and re-initiate it for you.


Threats such as the following may be made as it's all part of the game. Personal insults/threats however are NOT allowed within the game.