question-cheeze leadership(in a way a pnp)


so,phi has begun,and its unlucky for me that I go away on my hols a few days after
I was already in the premade for the tiny teddies and so was ready to slot into my position
And landed on cheeze's island which I assumed was a good thing :rolleyes:

So I'm in.Phi is looking fine for me,I'm having a good time plotting against ( ;) ) and having a laugh with my fellow members
but my holidays close in and I sadly am forced to set my account to vm and enjoy my holiday
so I leave with a "take care" from my allies and the alliance and go and enjoy myself ...

And so I'm back,ready for some powning time! :p
I'm completely behind in the ranks and alliance but that wasn't going to stop me ;)

But something's not right,I've been kicked out of tiny teddies,which makes me sad :(
so I message cheeze

so I'm then waiting patiently,growing at a reasonable rate but not exactly amazingly considering I'm a busy kid
and then completely out of the bloom,bam!

this isn't exactly normal for me since I'm relatively new but I was officially back stabbed...
so I message cheeze again...

no response...
so either he is really lazy or didn't take my swords comment nicely :p

either way not too much later these come in...

minions of cheeze :(
so I feel offended by him which is obviously why I am making this
so I ask someone else of their opinion

Cheezehead, He is an Alright as a leader but not totally ready yet, He is more of a member then a leader. He doesn't seem to be able to make the biggest Impacts in a war.
From what i heard Osl Aka Emporer Narhwal is the biggest impact along with SenaQ
They're the ones attacking and taking down players. He also doesn't seem to be able to keep everything in "Tip Top condition" If you get it,
Just using the simple techniques for a successful alliance that he learned from the past...

Targets and Clear
Unlike him Daizan, OKCAdonis an many other leaders don't do that sort of thing, They're organize which target will be best to clear and get most reward out of, And forming players so they are effectives as a alliance, not as 1-5 main or top players
I certainly had a change of opinion in my former "friend"
so then what do you think of cheeze?
please comment

(My first pnp so don't be too mean ;) )


wow wasnt expecting that....

and attacking with swords O.O


Well, I don't play this world any more but can I just say that is extremely low cheeze... if you are going to kick a player for going on holiday and then farm him then don't beg him to join in the first place. If he had asked to join when the world started, it might not have been so bad but blatantly backstabbing people who you actually ask to join is ridiculous


I'm actually gonna defend Cheezehead. This world has one of the smallest member cap and its understandable why he kicked you and would replace you with more active players.

Your on his island and your not in his alliance, so he has every right to attack and farm you.

But the attack with swords, I don't know what happened there, maybe he got to lazy and clicked on the wrong troops.


yes, but the fact is, firescores grepo has been mucked up pretty badly. VM glitched and because of it, he was rimmed on tau, and kicked and farmed on phi


Cheeze's leadership eh? I've got to be honest with you, Cheeze's leadership is good; he's a firm and strategic leader. I think he might be underrated; yeh he might not have an experienced name in leadership such as Daizan or OKC, but he certainly has something for it and I'm sure that will come into play more over the course of the world. Ok, I have a couple disagreements here and there, though that will always happen.

As for your situation fire... it was really unfortunate that you went on holiday at that time (I know you cannot time these things (hope you enjoyed it by the way :p)) and even more so for VM to glitch up on you as it did. However, you being kicked was an incorrect decision in my opinion although it is an automatic function for leaders who want the best from their members. And as I'm sure you know, farming is an automatic function for players too; any flag not orange or blue gets farmed.

It was a immoral thing to do, as well as one without thought. However, as ruthless teddies go... well it was an action taken without any thought. Automatic, you may call it after I have done so twice already in this post. Maybe it was an administrative error in not marking you; I don't know... but it was wrong. However, he did what many a player would have done.

Well, this is an awkward situation, isn't it. However, whether the decision to kick out firescore who at the time was below the standard of the other members due to his holiday was right or wrong is up to you, yet it shouldn't be used as the only factor in judging whether or not Cheeze is a good leader as it is a small incident in a growing world. Only time will tell with wars and so on whether Cheeze's leadership is up to the task.

curly123 said:
yes, but the fact is, firescores grepo has been mucked up pretty badly. VM glitched and because of it, he was rimmed on tau, and kicked and farmed on phi
Despite that being the case and so, Smiley's point is still true as well as that not being the fault of Cheeze. CheezeHead had no control over that. Despite all the morality issues here, he did what a ruthless player would do, kick and farm the inactive.

Note: My views here are my views, not TTs.
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But the attack with swords, I don't know what happened there, maybe he got to lazy and clicked on the wrong troops.

first he attacked with slings and horses and cleaned defense, after that he sent swords because he knew city is clear and he wanted to carry all resources at the same time, i have done this quit a few times too :D
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The way I saw it was, you went on holiday and that was fine, however, someone (cant remember who, might have been cheeze) had a tripwire in your city while you were on holiday and it tripped as you were attacked. This looked as if you had went on holiday but not enabled VM which is why you were kicked.

I might be wrong of course, but thats how I saw it at the time.


hahaha, i wish cheezehead was farming me with those unescorted trans and swords :D

i personally won't be taking any bets for how long cheeze lasts i phi as a leader. maybe he'll grow into the role... or maybe not! tune in next week to find out :p

super fast

let's look at this from a logical point of view and push aside our " moral " opinions. The move made by cheeze was something any great but ruthless leader would do. It may have been ugly, but it was a necessary move


first he attacked with slings and horses and cleaned defense, after that he sent swords because he knew city is clear and he wanted to carry all resources at the same time, i have done this quit a few times too :D
and afterwards he sent these horsemans as support to teammate conquest attempt :D


It may have been ugly, but it was a necessary move
it wasn't ruthless but necessary... It was just ruthless... He could have kicked him and let him grow then reinvited him... Or he could have just helpe dhim to grow and not kicked him!
It was ruthless and unnecessary.



On arguments like these I always like to live but a phrase that goes like this:

"There is two sides of every argument and each side thinks they are right. The only way to judge is to listen to each side, and have a neutral person decide who is correct"

I like this idea because it really is the only way to judge whether a person is right or wrong. You see, from fire's point of view, he was unfairly kicked when he had to go on vacation and then farmed unmercifully by the leader of his previous alliance that he was asked to join. From Cheeze's point of view, he had to have a small alliance of 30 people or less. A player that had to go on vacation, came back with little points, and he needed room for active players with high points.

As for the farming, that I think is a little uncalled for. I know that farming becomes a necessity early on in the game, but farming a player that you asked to join, kicked out, and then didn't let him in because he was on vacation. It was immoral, and you could have at least messaged him and try to let him off easy.

Allow me a metaphor for this situation:
Cheezehead is the owner of a large buisiness. He is holding job interviews, and fire comes in. After an extensive interview Cheezehead sends him out and brings in the next one. Then, after a month, Cheezehead carefully chooses his workers. Fire got the job! Sadly, fire had to go on vacation soon after work had started. When he gets back, he is fired. Sad, he looks for another job, but angrily emails cheezehead for his job back. After a while, cheezehead gets annoyed, and sends a hit team to kill off fire. But fire survives. Wounded, he struggles to his computer to post about cheezhead's mercillessness. Now, what happens?

Who likes the metaphor?

Anyways, i do actually think that it was a correct choice to kick fire (Sorry). With such little space, you need to kick some players, in order to get the best team you can. The attack was immoral though, so I think Cheese made a bad decision, and it may effect his reputation on grepolis and the forums.

As of the PnP, it needs more pictures, but great for your first one. I have never done one myself, but I know that it is a skill that is not easy to learn nor master. Anyways, who likes my verdict? =)


I must say that he doesnt return mail, but in know sometimes your very busy and dont have time for diplomatic affairs ;)
I rather like cheez as it is to be honest, i cannot comment on leadership but hes doing very good so far, the alliance is still standing, but that could just mean that the players he has manged to grab can look after themselves. I wish Cheeze very good luck and maybe seeing as he is in my ocean our alliances will clash :D


Wow I have new found respect for cheeze and his ruthlessness. End of they day you got kicked from an alliance you were not active enough to be part of in the first place, how can you say it was backstabbing, you weren't attacked during the time you were on your break, even though you didn't activate your VM (or whatever). In retrospect he waited for you to come back, asked you catch up if want to get back in, when he saw you were never gonna be able to catch up, he cleared you out then sent his swords around on unescorted to make sure he gets all the resources he can while he is still online, it's not noobish at all since you are an unallied player unable to reseach biremes at this stage.

Being leader doesn't just mean you get undeserving praises when things go well, it also means you have duty to do what's best for the alliance, so you have to make harsh and unpopular decisions time to time. I would have done the exact same thing in his position.
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