Questions on Revolt Olympus


Grepolis Team
We are getting quite a few tickets on this and this is new to us as well so I have asked one of our developers to confirm some aspects. I am posting answers here to the most common questions. If you have others post them and we will either answer or go back to the devs with another list.

1. When you revolt a temple/Olympus who can see the revolt?

Answer: The alliance can see revolts from their members. No other alliance can see this.

2. Can you see incoming if you hold a red/blue revolt?

Answer: No.

This is the view of an alliance with a revolt. The first is what the alliance see and the second what everyone else sees.:

Revolt oly 2.png
Revolt Olympus.png

3. Can you support a temple after you revolt it?

Answer: Anyone can support a temple after all neutral units have been killed.