Pnp R.I.P. Eroc5


Well, since nobody else seems to have cared about him, I've decided to give Eroc5 a proper funeral.

Eroc5 was a Canadian. He came from Lamda and later quit that world rather than giving up on Athens. Eroc5 has gone inactive, and I will miss him.

We met in an interesting way. I was a new player with 1 city, and He had just founded his 5th city, which happened to be on my island. His alliance was en enemy of mine, so, of course, I attacked. I cleared him out :p He then sent some dinky little attacks at me, and I began to smack talk like a feisty little noob. This is when he said his famous line:

"So let me get this straight, your a big gangsta leprechaun with an itchy Triggy finger who likes blood. Sounds like a good movie. Darn and i'm all out of popcorn." -Eroc5

We became friends somehow, and made a personal NAP. When Thrace became an ally of MORC, we got to start fighting together.

However, Eroc5, on this server, was a big time sim. However, he wasn't a nooby sim. He began to name all of his cities after his style, with names like 53 Sim City, and 53 Constant Sim. I have now named 2 of my cities as tributes to him.

Eroc5 also had the amazing experience of 3D Call of Duty. On skype, all the guys would compare how drunk they were, and how beer and grepolis go together so well. All in all, Eroc was fun to be around.

R.I.P. Eroc5, the greatest sim that ever simmed