R.I.P Hangten61 Will be missed.


Hello Everybody

I am one of the current founders of Repo Agents.

It is with alot of regret i must inform the grepo world of the loss of Hangten61.

He was fighting cancer and knew he did not have long left in the game he came on to play for fun as a escape. He was a very good player and to be honest a good person!

He was a team player and epic fighter and over all a warrior who will be missed!

I would also llike to say a massive Thank you to the alliances of Pandosia for the wishes and thoughts sent to us during this time.... we have change our alliance name out of respect and will keep this untill New Years day.

Its times like this you see what is important and what is not, many people come and play this game for many different reasons, Some to have fun.... some for a escape.... others for a power trip.... some people just like to troll.... many like to come and just kill things.

What ever your reason you are in this world i would honestly like to thank everybody once again for there messages.

R.I.P Hangten aka Michael your pain is over now brother and you are in a nicer place im sure.




So sorry to hear - thoughts and prayers to his family and friends

Laritha Spear

very sad news even when I did not know him personally. saddest news for anyone before X-mas :(
My heart goes out to his family and friends.


My thoughts and my prayers to his family and his friends. R.I.P. Michael

Archon of Corinth

I would like to salute Hangten61. I just looked at his record on Grepointel. He was very good and he kept on playing. My thoughts are with his family.


RIP mate, It was an Honour fighting along side you.

I remember you telling me when you joined Repo that you would spend your time left playing grepo and im glad you found some comfort here. I actually thought of you alot the past few months hoping I wouldnt see this message for a very long time.

My condolences to Michaels family and friends and his team mates.

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RIP hang. Great player by the looks of it. A loss to this world.


As a former player I drop by occasionally to see how things are developing. I was very touched and saddened to read this. It is also very uplifting to see the grepo community honoring their fallen friend. May he rest in peace.


Very sad news :( Sincere condolences to you all in Repo and to his friends and family from us all in The Vanguard.


Even though I did not know this player, it's always terrible to hear news like this. My condolences to your team and his family... :(. Our alliance will not attack his cities out of respect.


It was horrible news, it was very bad news!

Let us in Repo now win it for Hang and win it for that reason only!



Godspeed and may you be at ease now. Rest in peace.
My condolences to friends and family.


From black ships we send our respects and prayers to hang and his family may god bless your soul mate and may you forever live on in the hearts of those you touched and loved.


BDI-Shadow Union would also like to extend condolences to Michael's family and would like to applaud the alliance members for honouring his memory.


Thank you Harry for posting this. I too, know the sadness of knowing a player was losing his battle for life, even as he played this game. It does serve as a reminder to all of us, that there are real people behind these screen names, and everyone plays for different reasons.

My condolences to all Hangten's friends. You will play with heavier hearts, I know.