Rate the player above you


Couldn't resist....

Rate the poster above you in the following categories:
Points /10
Alliance /10
BP /10 (once protection is over)
Name /10
Rep /10

Don't forget to let us know your in game name if it differs from your forum name.

My in-game is: Eternal Death


Points 9/10, over 1000, nice
Alliance 3/10 Four players, not that good
BP 4/10 30 BP, I did it based on total but I am assuming this is attack
Name 9/10 Its good but everybody knows death is eternal, no need to include it
Rep 10/10 The slayer of Allainces.

Overall 35/50 This is based on this world as I know you are much better than this.

IGN Goldfinger6


Points 5/10 average
Alliance 5/10 not to bad for your area
BP 8/10 pretty good but only just ended
Name 8/10 i like it :p
Rep 5/10

total = 31/50 not bad :)

Ingame: GoKillaNoob3


Points 9/10 not quite first but #7 is never a bad place to be
Alliance 10/10 One of the best if not the best out there right now
BP 9/10 160BP very good at this point in the game and again #7
Name 8/10 Very solid name
Rep 7/10 Your name pops up from time to time

43/50 Room for improvement, but not much

Edit- In game name- Krymly


Points 8/10 Pretty good counting how old the world is
Alliance 5/10 Just because there is only 1 member at the moment(but the world is young)
BP 9/10 64BP very good at this point in the game since BP just got lifted in his area
Name 8/10
Rep 8/10 I saw your name more than once.

38/50 good; But the world is young.

In game name- Khupa
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Points 9/10 better than me :p
Alliance 10/10 Like the aggressiveness
BP 9/10 nice job :)
Name 8/10 reminds me of Maio for some reason...
Rep 5/10 idk you :eek:

41/50 looking good.

IGN: VCheetah



Points - 4/10 not less than 1,000 place so I guess that's good
Alliance - 1/10 based on history, you guys are cursed. Only saving grace is Phears
BP - 2/10 Got some work to do :)
Name - 9/10 love cheetahs myself
Rep - 3/10 don't know you so can only go by your rep bar which is positive so that's good

Total - 19/50...always room for improvement :)

in-game = Eternal Death

Australian Army

Battle Points-8/10
Name- Cool Beans 8/10
Alliance-Small, Agressive, tight nit and seem to be experienced-7/10 (low points thought)

Last time I did this I think I got about 10 points:p


Points 3/10 - less than 800 Points
Battle Points 1/10 - 15 BP
Name - 7/10 Pretty good
Rep - 4/10 Its ok
Alliance - 6/10 Its falling, I see a merge soon with Blood Thirst.
Total : 21/50

Dux Vox

Points 5/10 - Rank 504 /points 1156 Nothing special.
Alliance 8/10 - Solid looking alliance. Few too many members and a bit low average for my taste but better then most.
BP 3/10 - rank 544 /33 Battle Points
Name 9/10 - It's got a nice ring to it.
Rep 7/10 - You have some rep.

Total - 32/50


Points 9/10 since ur not first and im higher lawl :)
Alliance 9/10 would say your alliance is great since you havig a good number of members and a real good average!
BP 10/10 would say its great position 8 with allmost 500 at this stage is really good. also u have beter then me wich must be good :)
Name 10/10 giving you 10 since i think it sounds good. dunno what it mean tho but stil :)
Rep 3/10 dunno why im giving you 3.. but i guess thats about would i will get since i also got like 16 posts :)

Total: 41/50 if im not to drunk and making a failure counting..
and yes i know both my gramer and spelling sucks.. but im blaiming it on that im swedish

Anonymous A Alpha

“By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are.”
in game name: Anonymous A Alpha