Rate the player above you


I don't particularly love these threads, but I am also bored in this forums.. so here goes:

Rate the player above you on:

1) Rank
2) ABP
3) DBP
4) Alliance
5) Profile


Sir Henriksen

1) Rank:-8/10... considering you are in core and had a best rank of 26.. 141 at present doesnt suits
2) ABP:-8/10... top 100
3) DBP:-9/10.. considering your alliance dbp, average will come around 2k.. so u are good here :p
4) Alliance:-10/10.. no comments
5) Profile:-6/10 not very much innovative out here

so total comes around..41/50.. so the avg is 8.. will get "A"



1) Rank: 5/10 - Considering you joined almost a month a go and were not active for around 10 days. 915th as of now.
2) ABP 8/10 - 2633 abp, thats %30 compare to your total point. Not bad I say.
3) DBP: 7/10 Honestly, have nothing to say here
4) Alliance: 7/10 Not bad for an alliance that started 2 weeks ago. Grepostats shows you're making a good progress in O75.
5) Profile: 10/10 Seem like a grateful person :) . I Like that statement :)

The only time I remember facing you on the battlefield was in Lambda. Just before I left that world. Good fighting.

Total: 37/50
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Sir Henriksen

BulletProof AKA khanaf

1) Rank: 9/10 top 50 but i expect more;)
2) ABP: 10/10 Ranked 17. Good work as always and i like the fact that its higher then your points rank
3) DBP: 8/10 Ranked only 563 but your are sending biremes left and right, not your fault nobody have the balls to attack:cool:
4) Alliance: 10/10
5) Profile: 6/10 sorry mate i have seen better:p

Total: 43/50


Keep the ratings serious, please.
Uhhh mine was serious... the gentleman has 102 ABP 0BP the profile is crass with a profanity so it got a 0

if you like I can put it like this:


Rank - 3060 1/10
ABP - 102 1/10
DBP - 000 0/10
Allaince - Projectx (rank 314) 0/10
Profile (crass and lewd) - 0/10

Total 2/50

My ingame profile is EnasEllinas


Aw i didnt get to read the funny posts.. come on skully! :/


Rank: 10/10, if it wasn't for almost all of top 10 rushing tons of olympics, he would be top 3.
ABP: 10/10, I am quite sure he will become #2 Attacker as soon as our new OP starts..
DBP: 4/10, Doesn't know how to search for DBP... tsk tsk :p
Alliance: 10/10, What to say? He is a Juggernaut!
Profile: 7/10, if he is greek.. 0/10 if he is NOT! lol.. nice quote

Total: 41/50... just cause this noob doesnt get attacked enough!


It wasn't funny, just a 0/10 for everything :p now in the case of crawler1 that might have been accurate but sir hendriken is almost in the top 100.


I keep seeing Ryu, but then the amount of cities he has and how far he's come I also see a man in his parents basement... not sure which ones is correct... maybe they're both wrong... maybe he is a she... or a llama.

Rank: 10/10, Damn good my friend. You'll keep that title for a long time.
ABP: 10/10, You're aggressive, know where to pick your targets, and you keep your deck stacked. hard to find any fault.
DBP: 7/10, You got a lot of DBP from PL while assisting other players ;)
Alliance: 9/10, I've always been a fan of Wolverine, sorry. Did you watch him in his latest show? Le Miserables? He played with the gladiator and cat woman.
Profile: 5/10. Not much there, and Gandhi? This is a war game and you quote Gandhi? Might as well be a pacifistic and quote Stalin or Hitler ;)


Nice job man, you're top shape for this server.
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Rank: 8/10, Been a tough life for the bear. I give you tons of credit for staying in there and starting to climb the ranks again.
ABP: 7/10, Rank 191, not bad. As I said, it's tough being a bear these days and managing to rack up ABP while losing all your cities is a good feat.
DBP: 7/10 Rank 139. Lots of direct DBP from PL and still alive.
Alliance: 7/10, Still unsure about these guys. They seem good and are full of heart, but lots of different colors on the conquest list may spell trouble. If they can keep the activity going and cities out of the enemies hands they will do well.
Profile: 8/10....da bears


IGN: Eternal Death

mic sokoli

Well, I will join the party.

I'm talking about Gulio

1) Rank - 5/10| He don't seem to feel free on raising his cities.

2) ABP - 8/10 | I give a 8 for your ABP are adorable, confront your cities and points ( I don't know if you restarted, like me). Very well done.

3) DBP - 7/8 | He seem to be in hot waters, lol.

4) Alliance - 7/10 | If we would be in the 1st 2weeks, I would give an 11/10 for Damage, but I doubt them to be a very long-lasting alliance now, I expected more from these guys, the Polish are impressive so far.

5) Profile - 10/10 | Raise your bears buddy, the forests are getting eager, lol. I like it.

You're a good player, Gulio.

Oh I worked for about 20mins on this now seems I am late for 2mins.. :(
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1) Rank - 6/10| Heard you Restarted.

2) ABP - 3/10 | 4k ABP eww

3) DBP - 4/10 | 5k DBP more than your ABP, rough life?

4) Alliance - 4/10 | Never heard of Double Skull until today, but hey you never know.

5) Profile - 6/10 | Its decent.




1) Rank - 5/10| expected more, disappointing.

2) ABP - 6/10 | 9k ABP Decent for your city count

3) DBP - 6/10 | 3.5k DBP Nearly a third of your APB, says a thing or two for the positive.

4) Alliance - 9/10 | Lead by a street fighter in the words of our local bear. Top Shelf

5) Profile - 6/10 | Not to shabby




Skully, i don't think a 0 post still deserved Delete :/
Thanks Gulio! I wish i lived with my parents, i miss my mom's cooking!


Rank: 9/10, (53)Being a Rim player, he has impressive points!
ABP: 9/10, (25k) ABP: City ratio is 2.5, much better than most top players.
DBP: 1/10, (1k)As an alliance their DBP sucks.. so can't say much about this.
Alliance: 8/10, Upcoming Rim Alliance, I am expecting them to be one of the best in the future. Right now though they deserve an 8
Profile: 9/10, I like the little poem, pretty creative!

Total: 36/50... He is newer than the rest and has no DBP, otherwise a very good player going by the stats.



Rank 1

Profile: Very deceitive, in a game that most people think has boundys held together by honor. You prove that all is fair in love and war.



Rank 1

Profile: Very deceitive, in a game that most people think has boundys held together by honor. You prove that all is fair in love and war.
This isnt really a ranking review. More of a anti Juggernaut+Terminal Velocity propaganda.
Keep it out of this thread please, if possible.


I feel to ashamed to even pop out my head but here I go :)
I Know the ABP sucks :p playing sim to much I think :p


hey guys, i see that here is the place for the expert players. Good, i want to see how this war will go. I just started today to play and i am an old grepo player. Wish you guys good luck and hope that a strong alliance will come to my ocean and want to be with the best. Hi mmunite, what are you doing? just waiting for the real fight? Hope you are good mmunite and grow faster, lol. You guys will hear of me and hope to be in a good alliance.