Rate The Player Above You


I played with him well over a year and never heard anything dishonest off him really nice guy :) Your entitled to your own opinion though

Sir Henriksen

Yeah i have not played with him at all. But has seen what happened not too long ago.

I know which episode you are referring to.

I guess you could call it dishonest but i would like to call it a bold and brave move!

I could like the rest who are scared off a fight chosen the easy way and just joined EN/Unity.
But instead for the benefit off this server i deceided to pick up the pieces and fight against overwhelming odds.

So if you would like to call me dishonest fair enough but at least i'm not spineless:cool:


Not sure of anything that has happened in this world. Saying that Ienjoyed my time I played with Sir Hen on a different world. If I had another chance to join with him I would gladly take it.


Back on topic please. Feel free to start another thread arguing about integrity. These arguments are amusing but this is not the right place for them.


Back on topic please. Feel free to start another thread arguing about integrity
Everyone please remember to stay on topic. If you wish to discuss purely about alliances,please do it in a more appropriate thread or create a new one for said purpose.


I have deleted some posts because I feel they are not relevant to the point of discussion,that being rating other players. If you wish to discuss alliances integrity or incompetence and such, please do it elsewhere.



Alliance 10/10

Started into the world a week or two after it opened in the north and have steadily expanded and taken ownership of the majority of the core. #1 alliance shaping up to be the world winners. Again.

Ocean 10/10

Has cities across 7 oceans and it is evident this player moves aggressively to the red zones to be active at the frontlines. Impressive.

Player rank 10/10

With 55 cities and currently in 15th place in city point rankings, he looks to be a stayer and top ten in no time.

Battle points 10/10

Aggressive player - with 347K of his 407K total BP from ABP alone. Killer!

Player Past experiences 10/10

Winner of two crowns in Rho and Gythium (he co-led his alliance to victory here), and was number 1 in Rho for several weeks - looks set to be finding room in his trophy cabinet for a third crown.

Total 50/50



Alliance 10/10

As the academy of the best of the original alliances in the world (Unity {O.S.T.}) EN have progressed steadily supporting their goals

Ocean 10/10

Cities in 7 oceans, but most heavily on the front lines shows aggression and a commitment to meeting the enemy in their home areas

Player rank 10/10

14th with 53 cities One of the top players in this world as has been in several others. Will be top 10 soon.

Battle Points 10/10

368903 ABP/ 479827 total BP serious killer

Player past experience 10/10

Has made it to the top 10 in every world she has played in to completion. Also was a co-founder with me in 4 previous worlds two of which we became crown winners with all seven wonders.

Total 50/50

Overall she is an awesome player, awesome killer, awesome person, loved by all in every alliance she has been in, and over all a lovely person.

ily Weasy

devious greedy dee

agree with both the above posts
also 10/10 for leadership, setting by example, operations management and the general day to day running of the best alliance in this world
top of the range so I give for both 60/60 :)


Being a long time team-mate of prt50 and Notalot I'm in a position to rate both
Choice of alliance 10/10
Team work 10/10
Friendship 101/10 - no that's not a typo
Ability 10/10
In this world we will win our 3rd crown and for me it will be my 4th win