Rate the Player above you



Alliance: 5/10, no significant conquests, losing quality players at an alarming rate
Points: 6/10, rank #282 at time of this post, future growth will be limited by location
ABP: 4/10, rank #376 at time of this post, never like to see ABP rank lower than points
DBP: 2/10, rank #2461 at time of this post, probably all of it from quests
Rep: 5/10, don't know you, but posting in the externals gets you a few extra points



Ah well. Didn't expect anyone to know me here, its actually my first world in Grepolis. Try to search my name in Tribal Wars stats, I was a lil bit more known over there and got all of the MMO experience from there.



Points: 9/10, leader of no 1 alliance and still in the top 15, great work.
Alliance: 10/10 should be 10 and it is hope people dont think im being biased.
ABP: 9/10 4th in the world and better than me.
DBP: 9/10 only 9th, slacking big man.
Rep: 10/10 i cant think of anyone who is more recognised with the world.

bigskyguy can easily be marked 50/50 from others but then that would be boring. so if ur not number 1 on the stats u cant be given a 10.


If you can't find him go to ranking and click attackers. He is somewhere in or about #10.



Points: 8/10 - #39 - Nice, you've been higher in the past but still a good ranking.
Alliance: 10/10 - #1 - Leading with a lot of points, highest average of top 15, most ABP and most DBP.
ABP: 9/10 - #13 -
DBP: 7/10 - #202 - A bit behind compared with the other stats
Rep: 5/10 - I'm new so I don't know, might as well ignore this one : )

Total: 39/50
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Points: 7/10 - #198 - Overall a above average ranking! Always room for improvement :)
Alliance: 8/10 - #10 - 7 points for top ten, and 1 point for have better Alliance BP then Rank!
ABP: 6/10 - #285 - Could be doing a lot better! Find some cities to raid!
DBP: 6/10 - #616 - Could be low due to lack of Enemies!
Rep: 5/10 - Because you said you were new :)

Total: 32/50



Points: 1/10 - Doesnt matter how many points you have, AOTA is coming for you!
Alliance: 1/10 - Your not in AOTA, nuff said
ABP: 1/10 - Leave those noobs alone!
DBP: 1/10 - You need to equip your defensive shield soon
Rep: 1/10 - First time I have heard of you

Total: 5/50 - your downfall is inevitable