Rate the player above you


Iits no secret i left for 3 months only logging in once a day then came back


I can tell from your stats.
points 5/10 ranked 224 66k points
alliance 9/10 Good core of players, lot of respect, shame about your leadership
BP 4/10 22k A, 8K D, Try taking some active players cities and build that bp up.
Rep, you have lots.

Oh by the way you keep referring to me as a noob in the minus rep you give me, I can confirm that is what I am, have only played this world and in Beta for a wee bit and have not played any other games. It's ok to be new.
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i referd to you as a noob not for you being new as i have the pmost respect for new players heck the keep our community alive so i apolagise if i caused any offence .

i simply meant threw your heavily aggression towards me you were acting like a noob.

heck we are all players here for fun and to succeed so yet again apolagies for any opffence caused.

the leadership within the frat is great TBh myself sky aries and barhead.
orginis is on VM sadley.
but not alot can be done when fighting everyone :O

now back on topic

points 8/10 started 4 weeks into the world and ranked 67th well done
alliance 7/10 i like the leadership in here good alliance would have been a 9 if not for the coalition any decent vet will tell yiou coalitions will bring the rep of a alliance down but alot of respect for you guys hence my and catherines messages :)
Bp-8/10 64th in attackers has sent some silly attacks ie 150 ls withought a spell i remmeber casting a sopell and killing 48 then dodging lol
rep well you are new so but making a name on here so 3


Player: Bigfishlittlefish
Attack Points: Ranked ok 8/10
Denfence Points: 6/10
Points: 7/10
Overall Rating: 8/10
Alliance Rating: Cannot remeber romans? if so 8/10

For a first time player you are doing well keep up the progress mate. Very good.


im going to rate
points 5/10 average
abp 5/10
dbp 3/10 poor (even lower than mine:D)
alliance not sure what division of the romans you are 8/10 for the top one 7/10 for the other
overall 6/10


Player: Masterfulsky
Attack Points: 10/10
Denfence Points: 10/10
Points: 10/10
Overall Rating: 10/10
Alliance Rating: 10/10

Your just a super star mate.. maybe my rating is a little bias