Rate the player above you!


Well theres a blast from the past

The great Cornholio

Points: 5(obviously small but reasonable for just out of bp)
Alliance:1(No weak links is something)
ABP: 6 (once again just out of bp so very repspectable)
DBP:0(dont blame them lol)
Rep.8 played with you briefly in psi and know what you can do
overall. 8 expecting the first ratings to rise a lot in the weeks ahead

Ingame name RAVEN-LORD (the original The bat)
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Ah the Psi days.... shame i had to quit due to RL and give my account to that idiot.. Was fun while it lasted though!
Good to see you still play ya old fart :p and you can count on your expectation to be fulfilled :)
(Say hi to Lady Acacia for me)


it was not me who minus reped you did not feel you were worth it as for acomplishing more than me im sure you would say that

from the few posts ive read you do come across quite Arrogant and full of asumtions.

No i actually was playing around with my post with the word, "noob", in it multiple times, but you had to be, using your words "arrogant", and insult me.

P.S. Lol to whoever said "no red for you" when they +repped me. :rolleyes:

To get this back on-topic, i think all of you are winners in your own special way. ;)
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Just for funnsies I'll give this a go.

Points - 7
Alliance - 6
ABP - 7 (Good for size compared to players ranked near him on the ABP rankings)
DBP - 4 (Not a lot considering number of cities and points)
Rep - 5 (Breaking even since I personally have never heard of you...Sorry)
Overall - 6