Rate The Player Above

Sapphire Sorrows

Just because sulleto didn't, The next person who rates should rate me okay?


Sapphire Sorrows

points: 8/10 keeping up, borderline top 100
bp: 6/10 has capped some fools
location: 7/10 has some small alliances to hit nearby
rep: 7/10 Good rep, I have only come across her recently but both her and her alliance are prominent in NU
alliance: 9/10 A bit segregatory, but I guess that is the point, far more interesting than your usual "We stand tall and strong and you need 200 points to join" alliances that are cropping up. I hope they will do great things.

overall: 37/50



Points: 9/10 Points don't really matter at this point, but has been within the top 10 recently
BP: 6/10 Looks like he has cleared a few inactive cities
Location: 9/10 Can't get much closer to the center of the world. Lots of options.
Rep: 8/10 Seems like a nice guy from chatting with him, and I have seen him reply and help some people on the forum
Alliance: 9/10 Small but very solid :)




Points: 10/10 He's number one, so obviously he should have a 10:)
BP: 7/10 hes got a couple points:) cleared some random villages
Location: 8/10 He is around my alliance. Hopefully we will work together in the future:)
Rep: 7/10 Heard good things from BETA
Alliance: 9/10 STOCKED with amazing leaders!!!

points 6/10
bps 0/10 not on the charts
location 6/10
rep 8/10 has personal allies friendly with words
alliance 10/10 best point alliance they are very organized

all in all 30/50 good score


points- you arent in the top 2000, 1/10
bp- 0/10 nothing there
location- 55 border, 6/10
alliance- 500 point avg with 100 members, mmm 5/10
rep-3 posts 1/10
all in all 13/30

for whoever rates me check my sig i dont like green i ask for red :)
guess this thread got old
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Points: 8.5/ten
BP: 6/10.....not too bad
Location: 8/10....in the thick of the action
Alliance: 10/10 without a doubt the best alliance in the world at the moment
Rep: 8/10.....good no. of posts and rep is alrite

Total:40.5/50....very good overall


Points: 7/10 growing at a decent pace.
BP: 6/10 Ok, seems to have a fairly inactive island so may be finding it hard to come by?
Location: 10/10 Ocean 55, the prettiest ocean imo
Alliance: 4/10 Can't see them lasting in this ocean
Rep: 5/10 Never really seen you until now

Total:32/50 Average really, being in O55 may be the downfall of this player though.


Points: 7/10 OK not great but is obvious that he is concentrating on troops/attacks so had to compensate a bit on points this early on
BP: 10/10 Keep up the good work
Location: 8/10 Ocean 55....a few active players on the island so can keep feeding off them....needs to place his second city very carefully ;)
Reputation: 6/10 He is doing well in Mu as well but prior to that nothing to show off really..He has a lot of potential
Alliance: 10/10 Top in ABP and average points ....and of course I am in it as well so can't give anything less than 10! ;)

Total: 41/50 Nice score ;)



Points-Cant do better 10/10
bp-Island is kinda full of alliance so its ok, not great but got what u could 7/10
location-Ocean 55. Way to be ;) 9/10
Rep-not so good, but i think people will know you alot soon7/10
alliance- Mine!!! so great 10/10

43/50 :)


J.N.c. 93

Activity 8-10
Points 5-10 (on Nu)
Alliance 10-10 ;)
Position 5-10
Overall 8-10 :)

Sapphire Sorrows

Points: 6/10 Not bad, but still under 1k
BP: 0/10 the stats show none.
Location: 4/10 O54, bit out of the action but O44 and O55 promise to be fun filled, perhaps he will find something to do later.
Reputation: 0/10 I've never heard of him
Alliance: 2/10 3 alliance changes already? Flip Flopping isn't a great start to a world.
Total: 12/50 needs improvement.


Points: 9/10 has a few less points than I.
BP: 7/10 good amount of BP
Location: 9/10 ocean above mine
Rep: 10/10 good rep good player
Alliance: 10/10 strong girls only alliance :D
Total: 45/50 good :)



Points: 8/10 Good amount of points 123 in the world
BP: 9/10 Not bad above me by 8 :)
Location: 6/10 Not to many targets on the island
Reputation: 8/10 Good rep very known around here
Alliance: 8/10 Nice eep the work up guys
Total: 39/50 Well done :D


<a href="http://forum.en.grepolis.com/showthread.p

Points: 6/10 Not great just below mine and i havn't been as active as i would want to be :(
BP: 7/10 Not bad below me by 120
Location: 9/10 No threats and no targets on island, core though.
Reputation: 0/10 Annoying little wabbit ;)
Alliance: 10/10 Need i explain :p

Total: 32/50 Well done :cool:


Points 9.9/10 100 - (your ranking/total number of players) divided by 10
BP : 9/10 decent for this stage and all attacking which is always good
Location: 8/10 its always fun in the core
Reputation: 4/10 hadn't heard of you before Nu but then im not someone that spends alot of time outside of the game
Alliance: 9.9/10 im in it so it cant be perfect


Points: 6/10 eh, rank 526, but ok.
BP: 3/10 You have cleared a few starting towns
Location: 7/10 O55, decent location
Reputation: 6/10 Not really heard of him, seen a few forum posts, decent enough forum rep
Alliance: 8/10 one of the promising starting alliances, good members.

Total: 30/50 Go attack something.


Points: 9/10 obvious reasons
BP: 9/10 Rank 13 and kickin' my butt in terms of rank
Location: 9/10 O54, core
Reputation: 10/10 I like your posts
Alliance: 10/10 8 players w/ good stats. Nice.

Total: 47/50 solid.