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Points: 5/10
ABP:6/10 3K per city
Location:5/10 War Zone :)

Overall 30 / 50


Points 5/10

APB 4/10 Far to small for the wars you were in.

Location 5/10

Alliance 7/10 they sat out all major wars until they had no choice to join them plus they tried to keep friends on all sides even after joining the war (that's a sign of weakness)

Rep 5/10 would have been much higher a few months back before you went and join the enemy you spoke ill of on this forum many times.

26/50 needs much improvement.


Points 9/10

APB 7/10 Top 20

Location 9/10

Alliance 9/10 Always in wars

Rep 8/10 Some like him some don't but everyone know him

42/50 Can't argue that he knows his S%@t



ABP: 3/10 - that's chump change :p

Points: 7/10 - Your in the top 100, good job, stay active.

Location: 0/10 - Far too spread out to efficiently defend yourself or rebuild.

Alliance: 0/10 - They want to merge to get out of fighting. Shameful.

Rep: 1/10 - Takes a while to build up.

Overall: 11/50 You need to put in some serious work.
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Points: 9/10 - in the top 50

ABP: 9/10 - no.12 in Omicron

Location: 7/10 - good location, some wars to be battled there still, but you might soon run out of targets..

Alliance: 10/10 - no other words necessary :D

Rep: 7/10

Overall: 42/50 - Good job!


Points:9/10 vey good!
ABP:8/10 top 30
Location:to many citys to give you a good answer but 7/10
Rep:1/10 never heard of ya(no offense)
Overall:36/50 not bad


ash 42
Points: 3/10
Location: 5/10 -- too far from the real action
ABP: 1/10 -- 2,096 points ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
Alliance: 7/10
Rep: 5/10

21/50 -- LOTS of room for improvement.

Maybe you need to spend a little more time actually playing the game and a little less time critiquing active warriors like vinnysblue.

Since your last post

Points 4/10 some imporvement
Location 5/10 same thourghts
ABP 2/10 doubled but still very small
Alliance 6/10 growing in respect
Rep 5/10 don't really know you

22/50 getting better.


Points: 7/10 top 250
ABP:9/10 almost top 20

Overall 41 / 50 great!


Points: 5\10
ABP:3/10 not much for 13 cittys
Location:4/10 safe zone
Overall:20/50 much work is needet


ABP:10/10 no1 world gets a 10 for sure
Location:9/10 not perfect because ur targets r running from u but i think u will solve that problem
Alliance:10/10 I am biased
Reputation:10/10 probably the most feared in omicron
Overall:49/50 obviously much work needs to be done ;)


Points: 9/10 54th place is very good.
ABP: 10/10 8th in the world
Location: 9/10 same a valheru
Alliance: 9/10 first in ABP, points and average, but still the #2 alliance in my eyes.
Reputation: 8/10 being a top attacker brings it up, but I haven't seen you much on the forum (yes I do read it)

Overall: 45/50

This is my first post on the forums with this name. When you rate me keep in mind I only started a month and a half ago, that would be nice, but I do expect you to be honest with your opinions.


Points: 4/10 climbing everyday
ABP: 4/10 Good for your size
Location: 2/10 Bad spot, your kind of stuck with Alpha there
Alliance: 2/10
Reputation: 5/10 never heard of you

Overall: 17/50



Points: 10/10 No. 1 in Omicron
ABP: 10/10 Top player, great attacking skills
Location: 8/10 Spread on different oceans..could have access to targets from different alliances
Alliance: 10/10 For others to comment
Reputation: 10/10 His comments always make my day :)

Overall: 48/50


Points: 8/10 88th is a good rank
ABP: 9/10 29th phenomenal compared to your rank
Location: 9/10 good placement in the core, but not as close to enemies as you could be (probably from BS conquering their way in to GS and D3ath)
Alliance: 10/10 most likly the best alliance in Omni with an incredibly tight, compact core.
Reputation: 7/10 Avary good player who should be feared but gets overshadowed by other players in the alliance like cb, sirvlad, cris kid, and boby. You haven't been on the forum much.

Overall: 43/50 A great player surrounded by slightly better players in his alliance :p

Thanks for the rate cb, I couldn't ask for a better person to rate me. Vary honest and true, although I will see what I can do with Alpha.


Points: 5/10 new player
ABP: 8/10 wov true warrior :)
Location: 4/10 close to rim
Alliance: 8/10 Alpha is good alliance
Reputation: 8/10 I know him very well

Overall: 33/50 Great for new joiner :)


Points: 8/10. Rank #44 with 386K
ABP: 6/10. Could be more aggressive, 152K ABP only 50% of total BP.
Location: 7/10. Appear to be moving in the right direction with a reasonably tight city grouping.
Alliance: 6/10. A good academy, fighting a more than worthy opponent.
Reputation: 4/10. We are a few oceans apart but I have heard of you.

Overall: 31/50. A little more aggression and this will improve quickly.


Points: 9/10 in the top 12
ABP: 9/10 ranked well up there with the big boys.
Location: 8/10 he is right on the front line with many cities.
Alliance: 9/10 GS are an elite alliance but they seem to be out gunned by BS.
Reputation: 7/10 I hear good things about you and I hear bad things about but personally I don't know much about you.

42/50 pretty good mate.


Points: 8/10 28 rank
ABP:9/10 19 place in the world
Location: 9/10 he know ho to find action :)
Alliance:10/10 i will let outhers to coment on this
Reputation: 10/10 i dont know if there is enyone ho didnt hear about him

Overall: 45/50


Points: 9/10 have to be number 1 to get full credit
ABP: 10/10 YOU ARE THE MAN!!!lol
Location: 10/10 Very nice placement of cities
Alliance: 10/10 Number 1 in the world
Reputation: 10/10 Feared but yet classy guy, have my respect.:)
Overall: 49/50 Exceptional Player Good job!


Points: 7 / 10 - Rank 50
ABP: 8 / 10 - Rank - 22
Location: 8 / 10 - Front line cities
Alliance: 9 / 10 - GS - Everyone knows about you guys so i do not need to tell more.
Reputation: 10 / 10 - High Honor mate :)

Overall: 42 / 50 - Elite class player