Rate the Player Above


A replication of the classic thread made in early Gamma!

A simple thread where you simply rate the player above you in different categories! After you have rated 5 categories out of 10, then you give them a total score out of 50.

The categories:
Points: /10 (Rate the number of points out of 10)
Opponents Defeated: /10 (Rate the players battle points; maybe unable to for the next few days)
Position: /10 (Rate the position of the player, eg. how many farms nearby, how dominant is he/she on the island)
Reputation: /10 (Rate reputation of the player, in game and on the forums)
Alliance: /10 (Rate their alliance; if he/she does not have one, ignore this section)

From those, you shall get a total.

Couple of rules though:
No going off topic. If you wish to discuss these ratings, please create a new thread.
Make sure you haven't left anyone out and don't rate anyone who just writes "Plz rate me", rate the person above who has rated another player
If you disagree with a rating, take it to PM.

Thanks... and go go go!


Ok, ok, start again. Remember its about the person who posts above you. Oh, and include your nickname if you play Phi under a different name.

IGN: Emperor Narwhal


Points: 10/10 no.1 :eek: no change there
Location: 10/10 right on teh core
Alliance: 6/10 Decent players and alliance but cheeze refused to merge so...
Rep: 10/10 Osl is awesome!

36/40 very good ;)


Points : 6/10
Allaince: 10/10

34/40 decent


Points: 8/10 - Pretty good for this stage.
Location: 8/10 - Right in the core and no immediate threats.
Alliance: 5/10 - Outwardly I see little potential...but who am I to judge?
Reputation: 6/10 - Your name pops up every now and then.

Total: 27/40 - Pretty good (Alliance lets you down ;))


Like the allaince i play for fun

Points 6/10
Location 6/10
allaince 0/10 none
rep : 8/10

20/40 marked down because of allaince


Buzzer gets two ratings ;p

Points 10/10 top ten gets a ten
Position 10/10 core for sure
Reputation 8/10 he is a nice guy
Alliance 10/10 MRA 55 gotta stick together MRA's ;)

38/40 good rating!


Points: 5/10 okay I suppose
Opponents Defeated: 0/10 -
Position: /10
Reputation: 2/10 playing under a new name I suppose so it's only fair.
Alliance: 3/10 - running one alliance is hard enough setting up something like this a lot of unnecessary work load and it's bound to fail when their players realise....
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points 5/10 Hasnt gotten going yet, but when he does.... (shivers)
opponents defeated 0/10
position 9/10 all members are in a MRA easy farms lucky :(
reputation 10/10 highly respected by me and others as one of the greats
Alliance 0/10 none yet


Points- 6/10: Not too shabby. :)
Opponents defeated- 0/10: terrible. :p
Position: 4/10: he's not in my ocean. Which means his location is bad becasue my ocean is the best ocean. :D
Rep: 1/10 No idea who you are! :p
Alliance: 6/10.

17/40. :p

The Heist

Points- 8/10
Opponents defeated- 0/10 Unapplicatible
Position: 9/10 Good Place, in the CORE
Rep: 1/10 No idea who you are!
Alliance: 5/10.


Points: 6/10
Opponents Defeated: N/A
Position: 9/10
Rep: Newby so average. 5/10
Alliance: None... 0/10

Total: 25/50.


Opponents defeated: Slackin mate! :p
Position: Solid island of teddy's, I smell Gulio somewhere 9/10
Rep:I love cheezeface 18.98745/10
Alliance: Tiny Teddy's 10/10 probably the best alliance so far. ranked #4 and they have about half the members of the top 3 alliances

total: 46.9874/40
Points: 5/10 Good start hopefully do well
Opponents Defeated: N/A
Position: 3/10 Farms are a fair bit away and no alliance mates nearby
Reputation: 4/10 Never heard of you until now :(
Alliance: 2/10 Far away form you so support will be difficult




Opponents Defeated: N/A

Position: 8/10 seems to be near alot of the alliance and has some targets on the island to farm when bp ends.

Reputation: 7/10, i havnt seen much of you but from what i can see from your awards is that your good and very active but havn't been around too long?

Alliance: 9/10 if i was local then i would try to get into Tiny Teddies myself, unfortunatly ive picked NW where i'm hoping things will be slightly quieter than my usual SE location.

Total: 32/50