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POINTS: 4/10 - Joined Phi day 1 and yet to break 9k? No bueno.

BP: 4/10 - Hasn't been attacked much. Needs to become more aggressive.

POSITION: 2/10 - (SW) OUCH! Nowhere to go. Surrounded by WOLFPACK, The Bish, Kraken & the infamous Tiny Teddies. Good luck holmes.

ALLIANCE: 1/10 - Runs through alliances like diarrhea through the butt. 5 in total. In the end, he's decided ".Donuts" was the right choice. Who?

REP: 3/10 - Being generous since this is your first world. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though, for now.

TOTAL: 14/50 - Get your learn on!
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Points: 10/10 - 14th in PHI, what more needs to be said.

BP: 8/10 - 47th best attacker, not as many DBP though.

Position: 10/10 - All his citys are in WM's core and fortified by fellow WM players.

Alliance: 10/10 - Currently has the best AVG points. Similar set up to TT, only 17 players but still 4th in PHI

REP: 9/10 - A grepolis genious nonetheless, a very good Grepolis player both individually and part of a team as shown in; WM, Archemedies claw, and im sure Incubii as well.

Total: 47/50 - You the Man Ole. (SW)




Points: 7/10 - 60th in PHI.

BP: 6/10 - 86th best attacker.

Position: 10/10 - Great core.

Alliance: 9/10 - Great average points, only 17 players could be a problem.

REP: 5/10 - Sets it a little low as I feel he was a little to happy ranking fellow alliance member.

Total: 37/50 - Good score.



Points: 10/10 - No brainer. No.1 in the world.

BP: 10/10 - No.2 fighter in phi. What can I say, he's a BEAST!

Position: 10/10 - Smack dab in the core. Great grouping.

Alliance: 9/10 - An extremely intimidating alliance, but only 17 members could be a problem. :p

Rep: 8/10 - Don't know him personally but by the looks of his stats, I'd say he's a grepolis stud.

Total: 47/50 - A grep-o-stud indeed.
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Points: 10/10- 16th in Phi, good average points per city
BP: 9/10- 36 and somewhere in 4000 bp total
Position 8/10- three or four allies on every island, but his cities could be a bit closer, and some islands around him don't even have an ally on them
Alliance 9/10- Great alliance, and a dominant force in their ocean
Rep 8/10- Don't know you, and it doesn't seem like you've posted much (just like me), but I do see your name quite a bit in the game :)
TOTAL!!! 44/50- Quite impressive

Fist Of The North Star

<img src="http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/7179/

Points 9/10- anyone in top 20 must be doing something good!
BP 9/10- over 10k, top ten in world, good job
Position 10/10- The core is a good place to be
alliance 10/10 - #1
Rep 6/10- I know you from tau so i know your a good player, though you are still a little unknown

total 44/10- only your reputation lets you down buddy!

My IGN is 'Harkonnen'



Points 8/10-Decent size, good average.
BP 8/10-Not so much DBP, but all cities were conquered from someone else, always a good sign.
Position 6/10-Spread out and not surrounded that much by his alliance.Many decent cities next to him that should be his.
Alliance 9/10-Can't say much bad about it great average, 6 colonizations, #29 in BP for alliances, based in one ocean, and only one rank behind mine;)
Rep 9/10-Great rep overall in forums, but mostly known from forums, and not in-game.

OVERALL! 40/50.Really good in my opinion.:)

Tha Dutchman

Points 3/10 quit low pointed city when you compare it with your neighbors.
BP 1/10 Not really started with fighting jet.
Position 7/10 Good amount of friendly cities around you.
Alliance 5/10 Dark is allied with 2 other alliances better team up so you can lose some dead weight.

Rep 10/10 (I'm new here, I come from the dutch-server so no opinion.)

Overall 26/50 Got some work to do. Work fast before Oc54 is at your gates


Points: 6/10 - 82nd in PHI, not bad.

BP: 10/10 - 14th best attacker, all that matters, ace score.

Position: 8/10 - excellent, citys are fortified by fellow teddies.

Alliance: 9/10 - One of 4 Dominent forces in PHI right now id say.

REP: 6/10 - As u sid, from the Dutch server so the name doesnt ring a bell. Good ABP though so im sure u will be changing that sooner or later.

Total: 39/50 Keep up the good work man !!!


Points: 8/10 - Top 50 deserves some recognition.

BP: 8/10 - Ranked 50th as an attacker. 62 overall. Step yo game up foo!

Position: 10/10 - Deep core status. Locking down 45 quite nicely.

Alliance: 10/10 - Eh, I've seen better, but they do have a beastly average.

REP: 8/10 - I hate rating Rep. It's a biased question. An 8 sounds good :cool:

Total: 44/50 WH:eek:A! Almost grepo-stud status. Keep it up Zach, you'll get there.
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Points: 10/10 - Top 20 player

BP: 10/10 - Top 20 attacker

Position: 10/10 - In the alliance core

Alliance: 10/10 - They have been consistently at the top

REP: 5/10 - I've never heard of him, then again, no one has heard of me.

Total: 45/50 Baller. (But that rep category is kind of stupid)


Points: 10/10 - Top 20 Player
BP: 7/10- Compared to size attack points low
Position: 10/10- Inside of his alliance but outside enough to have enemies
Alliance: 10/10- Been lingering in the top few spots
REP: 6/10 - haven't heard of you before
Total: 43/50 Pimp.