Rate The Player Above


This thread can be found in most forums, except in this one. I'm a bit tired of that one thread 'NN in total control' where everybody keeps reacting even though it should have been closed a long time ago because it has gone off-topic. In the end, this is a game and we're supposed to have fun, so here's a thread that might bring a bit more fun to Athens' external forum.

Rules are simple, you have to rate the person who has posted above you, in different categories with 10 being the max.. and then later sum up the total..

Points: /10
Location: /10
ABP: /10
Alliance: /10
Reputation: /10

Overall: /60

Also after doing this, post your ingame name so that others can rate u as well.

no negative rating with 1 being the lowest, please be honest about the rating. Don't just give the player above you bad ratings because they're an enemy.

lets see your opinions

Ingame name :Digital Mystikz

If nobody reacts, i'm gonna close it (was worth a shot ;))


Points: 9/10 (1 of the top 10)
Location: 8/10 (In the core)
ABP:9/10 (In the top 5)
DBP:8/10 (In the top 10)
Alliance:10/10 (1st alliance)
Reputation:4/10 (Your not known in the forums)

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Points: 3/10 - While not the highest points around, I know you did leave and then restart so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and not give you a 1 :)
Location: 4/10 - Out on the rim, so not the most fun place to be... However, your in a strong location with only your alliance on island and your alliance top in the ocean.
ABP: 5/10 - Low, but you did restart. And you are ranked higher in ABP than points, always good in my books.
DBP:3/10 - Very low. Though probably not your fault.
Alliance: 4/10 - Ranked 18th, not really been tested yet in a war based on BP. But in control of your ocean and seemingly in a relatively safe area. Maybe one to watch :)
Reputation: 8/10 - Well known on the forums, maybe not as much in game.

Overall: 27/60

My in-game: SH101


Points:7/10 (In top 100 of Athens)
Location:5/10 (In the rim)
ABP:6/10 (You have the potential to do better though)
DBP:6/10 (You can do better)
Alliance:10/10 (The best alliance in-game in my opinion).
Reputation:10/10 (He made a newspaper and his posts are reasonable and he is known)

My DBP is low since none attack me.
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Someone rate me.

The Mighty ZEUZ
Nordic Nightmares.
You first have to rate the player above you ;)

Mighty ZEUZ rating:

Points: 6/10 (top 200)
Location: 8/10 (core)
ABP: 6/10 (top 150)
DBP: 5/10 (top 250)
Alliance: 10/10 (one of the top alliances)
Reputation: 2/10 (not known, or at least not in a good way :p )

Overall: 37/60
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Digital Mystikz:

Points: 9.5/10 ( Top 5)
Location: 8/10 (majority of cities in the core)
ABP: 9.5/10 ( Top 5)
DBP: 9.5/10 ( Top 5)
Alliance: 9.5/10 ( Top alliance, at least in terms of points)
Reputation: 6/10

Overall: 52/60



Points:8.5/10 (top 50)
Location:7/10 (close to the core but not really)
ABP:9/10 (top 20)
DBP:9.5/10 (right up at the top)
Alliance:10/10 (the best if you don't judge by points)
Reputation:1/10 (never really herd of you)




Linguistic ability: .5/10
Loyalty to alliance: depends on the day
Chances of long-term survival: We shall see

Overall: Irrelevent



Linguistic ability: .5/10
Loyalty to alliance: depends on the day
Chances of long-term survival: We shall see

Overall: Irrelevent


Randomness 10/10
Knowledge of me 1/10
Will he survive? Not if i get my hands on him.

Overall:Who are you again?


Points: 7/10: Ok should be a little higher for as long as he has been playing in the world
Location: 8/10: On the frount line with NN, could be an interesting location
ABP: 5/10:
DBP: 5/10
Alliance: 8/10: good strong alliance, has the #1 spot for now
Reputation: 2/10

Overall: 35/60


The Mighty Zeuz,

In comparison to those of similar ranking, The Mighty Zeuz is more active militarily than his immediate rivals.
He has more than double the average Attack Battle Points of his peers, and amongst the highest Defence Battle Points. His cities are around 8% smaller than the average of his peers, probably due to the high number of cities he has lost in combat (9), the better cities tending to be targetted by his enemies.
The graph below highlights ABP's but shows them related to DBP's:

His city locations define his problem, he's predominantly in a war zone (his allies red, enemies blue), with 3 cities on one island, rebuilding will be a problem if he's hit by another coordinated attack. He has an additional city far to the south not shown on this map ... presumably a defensive troop city !

(apologies to Chris80, our posts crossed during the time I was writing mine !)
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Leonidas Agiad:
Points 9/10 #1 in ocean 63
Location 7/10 Right on the EGoT and MORC frontline :)
ABP 8/10 A lot considering location
DBP 8/10 Around the same amount as ABP
Alliance 9/10 you've got some fools but there are some tough guys in there
Reputation: 1/10 People don't like you
Overall: 42/60

In-game name: DetroitLeprechaun


Points 6/10 (not too bad with the # of cities)
Location 4/10 (your on the rim but MORC should be around)
ABP 5/10 (not to bad)
DBP 3/10 (doesnt look like you get attacked much)
Alliance 2/10 (pretty small)
Reputation 3/10 (who are you)
Over all 23/60


Location 8/10
ABP 3/10
DBP 3/10
Alliance 9/10
Reputation 6/10 (he is known ingame more then out here)

Overall:35/60 58%


Thought I would join in on all the fun being had in the external forums.

Since The Might ZEUS was already done i will rate Chris80 who got skipped

Points: 6/10 90k 9 10k cities but inactivity in the last week?
Location 4/10 Spartan Legacy, looks like a MRA but i don't know anything about O42 but it looks safe
ABP 2/10 Last ABP 1 week ago
DBP 1/10 Last dbp over 30 days ago? Just because you are not getting attacked, doesn't mean your alliance isnt
Alliance 2/10 Its an outlier Alliance, but looks like so far recruiting everyone 158 members, will be lucky if there are 15 players left in a couple months
Reputation 1/10 Too far away from me to know him never have in countered him and shouldn't.
Looks like he is off to a good start but needs to get more involved, with that many developed cities you should have plenty or resources to be building troops to be sent on missions.

Overall: 16/60 27%


points 10/10 cant get much better than the #1 spot
location 8/10 not out of the action but O35/o36 isnt exactly the hot spot either
ABP 9/10 just because 2nd is the 1st looser lol :)
DBP 10/10 again #1 is hard to beat.
alliance 8/10 Triad is a good size alliance even though you left the best for the next best thing. ; (
Reputation 10/10 i think just about everyone knows of Cobra47

over all: 55/60 nicely done


lol for a second i thought cobra was talking about me :p

time for a update on trout4ford i guess :)

Location:9/10 - core player (+1 form last time)
ABP:4 could be higher (36k) (+1 form last time)
DBP:4 could be higher (35k) (+1 form last time)
Reputation:5/10 could post a bit more out here (-1)

review got +2 points form last time so that makes it a even 37/60.
(someone else post soon plz)


I will rate you Zeuz:

Points: 6/10 ( Not bad at all considering that you are loosing and conquering cities)
Location: 6/10 ( Tough location, but it is the case for most NN these days)
ABP: 6/10
DBP: 6/10 ( Both decent numbers)
Alliance: 10/10 ( I still believe we are the best)
Reputation: 7/10 ( You are definitely here more than I)

Overall: 41/60


points: 8/1O ranked 36 atm, but in my opinion points do not matter as much as the cities capabilities.
Location: 9/1O most of cities in core, with others being in regions to fight alliances such as Triad, and SunTzu, very tough Location in my humble opinion to keep very long:D
Abp: 8/1O ranked 7th with 220,393 points very nice, room for improvement, but judging by your enemies, i can see this going up by a lot.
Reputation: 5/1O Known in game so gave the max for that, but external forums need a bit of work.
DBP: 9/1O ranked 4th with 233,591 points not much room to improve here, unless your enemies take the fight to you more.
Alliance: 9/1O the best alliance in abp/dbp though i gave it only a 9/1O due to the fact i dont think this reflects the current membership, except maybe in the defensive category.