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The Mad Monarch

I think I might have fought with you a long time ago. Back when I was The Crazy Conqueror and OC still had more than 1 city in 044. BTW, go Digital for re-creating Cimmerians after running to Merchants.

The Mad Monarch

You might not believe me, but I have only been attacked twice in this world at my cities. Both times by Gertfrik. I have to use my birs to get any DBP.



Pnts: 8/10 now ranked 471 (due to some revolting slaves in blod's cities) but best rank is 70, so top 100
ABP: 9/10 3 spots above me, that's amazing
DBP: 9/10 Blod has been ranked 30 since the beginning of this server
Location: 10/10 The core and the rim, like eating from 2 pies, i like that
Rep: 9/10 if you haven't heard about Blod and her adventures with The Merchants than you're seriously missing out
Dread factor: 10/10 CS's seem to spontaneously explode when they hit Blod's harbors, just saying.

Total: 55/60 it will be 60/60 when you've regained your full strength. Totally unbiased opinion btw


@ Mad Monarch: you taken ONE city of POG, one Titans city, one SHUSH city, one Titanium Brothers city. Your other conquests are mostly internals.
And no, dont think I have been fighting you, think it was Star and intopain who kicked OC out of 44.
I'm sorry I hurt your feelings with my rating, but I WAS gonna give you 0 on everything and make a point that you shouldnt worry too much what other ppl think about you as long as you have fun.

@ Digi, unbiased.......lol! Mmmm pie :D

The Mad Monarch

lol Blod. Mostly internals? Hmm. Wasn't counting. Well, whatever. Time to take more internals lol


Now nobody rated me :(

1000000/1000000 on rep ...you are tops in my book (btw had a stroke kept me away for 6 weeks had 1 city left upon my return which Mr Arab wouldnt allow anyone to take cause he luvs me)

Another note...The Mad Monarch this is a rate the player above you thread not a debate thread


1000000/1000000 on rep ...you are tops in my book (btw had a stroke kept me away for 6 weeks had 1 city left upon my return which Mr Arab wouldnt allow anyone to take cause he luvs me)
Oh damn, hope you're okay! :eek:
I can confirm arab is a nice fellow, very friendly :p I hope you get back into the game again so we may someday play together, be it with or against eachother I'm looking forward to it ;)


SkullyhoofD as no one did a serious one for him

Points: 8/10 if he cared to fill his slots he would be top 50
ABP: 10/10 Considering our location, Skully is a monster
DBP: 8/10 People like to attack him with stupid attacks, often
Location: 8/10 The rim is the new core yo
Reputation: 10/10 Who doesnt know skully?
Dread Factor: 10/10 Lets face it, Most players might overlook Skully because of our location, but I promise you he is a terrifying opponent

Total: 54/60 Imagine if he was in the core eh?



Points: 7/10 not bad for the area
ABP: 9/10 ABP rank is far higher than his point rank
DBP: 8/10 close to point rank, regular contributions to sieges
Location: 8/10 the rim is the new core yo
Reputation: 10/10 who doesn't know fisty?
Dread Factor: 9/10 -1 point because even his enemies might lose cities with a smile on their face. MYAAH! but really, he doesn't hold back, once he's decided you're next chances are your city is gone.

Total: 51/60 (bow)


Points: 2/10
ABP: 1/10
DBP: 1/10
Location: 3/10
Reputation: 1/10
Dread Factor: 9/10


Nice one.

rate me ;)

The Mad Monarch


Dread Factor-0/10


Used to be around 400k points before quitting, no rated you on that as well.


Dread factor should be 11/10 because my 1,5k city is just that bit more awesome than all of your 13,716k cities ;) Can probably fit more troops in too :p


Points-6/10 (450k but only 37 cities, recently I had 50 but only 400k)
ABP-6/10 (200k's decent but by your talk I got the idea you were doing a bit better than that)
DBP-3/10 (Either your being protected by your alliance really well, don't enough people off, or don't put yourself in enough dangerous situations, because 60k's pretty poor. :( )
Location-5/10 (+10 because your cities are luuurvly and compact around that 4 way border and -5 because your way off the core.
Dread Factor-3/10 (Those inactive cities must be terrified when you conquer them, doing nothing and obesity IS a problem you know...)


now you can all carry on de-rep-ing me because of harsh words. Rawr.

The Mad Monarch

I have a touch of OCD, so that is why I keep all my cities maxed. I literally have to eventually or else I go crazy. Also, I won't de-rep you, I don't mind. Just a ghost haunting my cities.


someone should totally rate me to see how much I've improved:p