Rate the Player Above


Points: X/10
BP: X/10
Alliance: X/10
Position: X/10
Name: X/10
Reputation : X/10
Total : X/60

Leggo ! Get forums a bit more active, post your in game name for others to rate you

Add some description too , make it fun
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Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Points: ?/10
BP: ?/10
Alliance: ?/10
Position: ?/10
Name: ?/10
Reputation : 1 or 10/10

Seeing as how there is no player with that name to be found via the search function can't do much in the way of rating. But reputation wise you're either not known at all hence the lack of being found via your forum name or so super secretly awesome the game's search function refuses to reveal your stats. Could be either, I'm no expert.


Silver-Eyed Lion King
Points: 7/10
BP: 10/10
Alliance: 9/10
Reputation: I've seen you around recently, never played on the "PT" server, so I'm gonna give you a 7, for up and coming


Loves You (Not sure your ign name but went back to previous post on your account and making a rating out of that)
Points: 7/10
BP: 7/10
Alliance: 9/10
Reputation: Seem to be pretty active on the external forums so i would say your reputation is decent.

For whoever does me im sorry but there is a few on these forums that know me especially from the world Eta. That's your guys hint.


I guess i'll have to do you then

Points: 10/10 (Rank 1 scrub)
BP: 8/10 (High, but should be higher for positioning)

Alliance: 9/10 (Seem to be in a pretty decent standing)
Position: 8.5/10 (Cities are in a total 1 island reach within each other for the most part)
Name: 7/10 (Stick to one name will ya?!)
Reputation : 7/10

Total : 49.5/60

Rate : Heres20BucksKillMe instead of me , since i've already been done
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My in-game name is RedRattler,I should have mentioned that lol


Rate : Heres20BucksKillMe instead of me , since i've already been done

Oh boy... you did not.

Heres20BuckKillMe (misspelt)

Points: so far so good... 8
BP: if I had this much hate I'd be #1. For that reason 9
Alliance: lovely ppl 9
Position: meh tad early to judge 7
Name: I never got my 20 bucks, awful customer service too... 3
Reputation: ah ah ah ah thats funny. 1

Total: 37/60


Points: 7.5/10 Strong starting point base
BP: 10/10 Perfect score for 2 reasons, very well balanced compared to over all score, and you made the top 10 w/o knowing it = win
Alliance: 10/10 It's all in the hair
Position: 7.5/10 Really early to tell.
Name: 9/10 Clever name got to love it
Reputation : 8.5/10 I know you, people I know, know you, and you we only tell you the good stuff
Total : 52.5/60 (1/2 point over Ray that is very important)


Points: 10/10
BP: 10/10
Alliance: 8/10(Good amount of people but a few them seem to not be as active)
Position: 9/10(Cant tell the situation there but you guys have a good position)
Name: 10/10
Reputation : -/10(Havent been active for a long time, cant seem to find a familiar face)
Total : 47/50
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