Rate the Player Above


If I wasn't being harsh I would have given you higher, for your points and BP most-likly


OK kyleli, I will rate you, hope you have thick skin......

Points: 3/10 Would be better if you didn't have 4 cities below 3000 pts
Opponents Defeated: 1/10 The attack button is the one with the spears on it
Position: 1/10 You're on the rim, too far from any action and your cities are all basically on top of each other.
Reputation: 5/10 I like your posts, you seem OK
Alliance: 3/10 And the 3 is for the size of the alliance, not the quality

Total: 13/50

Sorry mate, for a farmer you're OK. You're no warrior.....


Coblet. Please rate me in return

Points: 9/10
BP: 10/10. Your right at the top.
Position: 9/10 You cant be perfect in everything;) great position for conquering enemies and noobs ;)
Alliance:9/10 like i said. nothing is perfect;)
Rep: 10/10 great player, although you dont like interviews, plus i know you ingame.

Rate back please Coblet


OK Bogen, I'm a little critical of players. When I took a look, I saw some things I liked. 31/50 on my scale is pretty good, keep it up!

Points: 7/10 Very good, and it looks like you are growing nicely
Opponents Defeated: 7/10 You're all attack and I like that, but you need to find better enemies to get your defense numbers up and learn to defend
Position: 5/10 Not your fault, you are on the rim, but your cities are spread just right.
Reputation: 6/10 I've dealt with you in the game and found you a good player, and easy to get along with. Your lack of DBP tells me not many people know you well enough to kill you, so that counts against you.....
Alliance: 6/10 With only 7 members, you don't have a lot of power, but with an average of 228,742, you are not noobs, so that commands some respect

Total: 31/50


What am I? The Grepolis review board??? LOL

cuimia (Farouk 12345):
Points: 3/10 looks like you lost a bunch and replaced them with 2000 pt cities? (recolonizing maybe?) Personally taking a city below 6000 pts or starting a new one is a waste of time to me
Opponents Defeated: 7/10 Decent ABP, with matching DBP. You have been in plenty of fights
Position: 1/10 Looks like you have a city in every ocean, lol
Reputation: 5/10 I see you post a lot, seem decent
Alliance: 6/10 With only 7 members, you don't have a lot of power, but with an average of 228,742, you are not noobs, so that commands some respect (same as above)

22/50 I'm not up on past world politics, like I've said before, I'm just a fighter. Looks like you are trying to rearrange your account after a beating?


i am scatared, but the reason why is because im moving closer to O45, ;) thats why im colonizing to get closer to the fight.


Cob I'm The Bunneh... :p I Find Info in The Forums And Take My Personal Knowledge And Give It to My alliance :O

Its Usually Useful :S


who would want to rate me please ?? :D an experienced player please ^^


Okay here goes: Gasper-kuhl
points: 6/10 could be higher
BP: 5/10 most attack low on defense should be higher with your points and not many dbp considering that you lost 5 cities
Alliance: 10/10 one of the best
Position: 8/10 close groups but to far apart for my liking
Rep: 7/10 I've heard of you

37/50 keep it up


If they are both high that is a really good sign, It generally means that you still attack even when under fire.

High DBP on its own only means you are in a great alliance.

Low DBP means that you are not trying hard enough to get attacked (try taking a city in the heart of, or really close to your enemies).

High ABP means you have the Blood Lust and are my kind of player. You don't care who you attack and dont care how many troops / ships you loose, you just build some more.

Low ABP is the worst situation, It generally means that you are scared to loose troops and scared that if you attack someone they will attack you back. You will almost certainly complain that there are no enemies near you, but you will do nothing to move towards them. Most of your conquest will be ghost towns, and inactives that someone else has cleared. I don't understand why you are playing the game, there are far better building games that you can play.


345204 ABP
341442 DBP

I Don't know what you would rate that as, but I would say I am in a Pretty Defensively Sound Alliance...

I cannot tell you how well working into the enemy territory works, I had 11 cities or so when I made my move to the front lines... Now have 52, so If you are a middle ranged player with 150k points or so, I highly Recommend this.