Rate the Player Above



Points: 6/10 Average points, not to impressive
BP: 6/10 Again, average but mostly attack. This is a bonus.
Position: 7/10 Your cities are close together so they should be easy to defend. Too many on the same island for my taste though.
Alliance: 6/10 Top 12 alliance but other than that nothing to notice.
Rep: 5/10 Sorry, I know nothing about you.

Total: 30/50. Decent player. But you need to improve.



Points: 10/10 #1 in our world way to go :)
BP: 8/10 great attacker,but should be ranked higher overall
Position: 9/10 You have many citys close to support each other in case of getting attacked
Alliance: 9/10 Top alliance in the world,point wise
Rep: 5/10 Sorry, I know nothing about you.


Points:8/10 decent points, over 200k so that showes you are active
BP:8/10 decent BP good relatively balanced between DBP and ABP
Position:8/10 very good placed citys close to each other
Alliance:8/10 good top 12 alliance thats been for a very long time
Rep:7/10 besides here on the forum i didn't had any chat with ya so no offence




Just for Fun ;)

Uber Lord


Points: 9/10 very impressive and more than me...just :p
BP: 8/10 once again very impreessive though a heavier focus on DBP, not a drawback though I would have given a higher score for more ABP.
Position: 9/10 a tad spread out but all in all in positions where they can support one another, always good.
Alliance: 9/10 Excellent alliance, I have only respect for them (whish it was reciprocated) though some internal drama, this should be resolved by Llettek.
Rep: 6/10 never heard of you but like that you're in this
Just for Fun ;)

Great player all in all

Z Grade

Uber Lord

Points: 8.8/10 By your rating, you should get about that much.
BP: 8.5/10 Very nice, but you can definitely use some more.
Position: 8/10 Well clustered from what I can see, mostly around o32/o33.
Alliance: 8/10 Product of a recent merge, so all I can say is that you guys finally kicked TSE out of the top 12 :)
Rep: 8/10 You do have a bright green dot, no?

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
Hmm I'm not sure I can rate our mod due to his not being able to play on our server. I could try but it would be 90% fabricated.


Points: 4/10 Quite low, but not too bad
BP: 2/10 Very Very low, but good proportion (offense-defense) so you dont get a 1
Position: 7/10 Close, you just have 2 cities far from the rest
Alliance: 9/10 Great work guys
Rep: 6/10 Seen you around her a lot but not in the world

Total: 28/50. Spend more time in the game instead of the forums


Points: 10/10 very good
BP: 9/10 Pretty good, seems you like to attack a lot
Position:8/10 A good solid position near allies
Alliance: 6/10 You guy's don't really seem to be much of anything. I haven't heard much at all about you.
Rep: 5/10 You come on the forum occasionally. (Rep is more based on forum activity, if it was based on in game you would have a 0)

Total: 37/50 A good in game player overall.
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Points: 5/10 you have flat lined for over 3 weeks.
BP: 5/10 low bp probably cause of flat line
Position:7/10 decent but now time to expand.
Alliance: 8/10 I like you alliance and seem well organized.
Rep: 10/10 You are always on the forums which is always a plus usually have something to say instead of just spamming so i give you a 10 on this.

Total: 35/50

the awesome one IIII

Points: 10/10. Wow, 300,000 is a TON!!!
BP: 10/10... did I see a #33 kill ranking?
Position: 3/10... 34 cities seems like a bit much to me.
Alliance 10/10. With a #1 ranked alliance, I don't think you can go wrong. and 24,000,000 doesn't hurt either.
Rep: 7/10, you aren't much on the forums, but with your points, it doesn't affect your reputation too much.

Plus rep me and sign it, and I plus rep you. Kapiche?

Z Grade

Points: 3/10 No offense meant, but you only have 1 city.
BP: 4/10 You have some BP, though not much.
Position: 5/10 I figure this is where most 1 citiers get the advantage, they can expand anywhere. Except when surrounded by several 10k+ players.
Alliance: 5/10 I've heard their name, but that's pretty much it.
Rep: 5/10 Never seen you, but you have more than one green bar so *shrugs*

Total: 22/50 Mostly because you have one city and must be newish to the world, or very slow.


Points: 7/10 ehh 120K, gettin there
BP: 5/10 rank 500ish in points, 1000ish BP
Position: 8/10 alliance members neer by
Alliance: 8/10 TWA, Elite, vary good alliance simalar to Liquidaters or JFL befor the merge.
Rep: 8/10 I see you around on the forums a lot, not much in game though (I may be ignarant, I am on the other side of the world)



Points: 8/10 good amount, lower then me
BP: 7/10 good amount, mostly Attack BP so good
Position: 8/10 alliance members near by
Alliance: 10/10 #1 alliance in the world, that says something
Rep: 8/10 you're in the forums alot but in game i dont hear of you



BP: 9/10 - Very nice, next thing i have to catch up to you in
Position: 8/10 - Nice central location
Alliance: 10/10 - Very biased i love all of you guys
Rep: 9/10 - Who dont know ya

43/50, B+